12 Best Battle Royale Video Games for Xbox Series X/S

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Next-gen systems aren’t immune to having plenty of battle royale titles on their roster. Here are 12 just for the next-gen Xbox!

#12 Battlefield V Firestorm

A few “big franchises” make this list because it would have been foolish for those games to be left behind when they’re supposed to be the kings of shooters.

Battlefield V Firestorm was the first of the two IPs to embrace the battle royale aesthetic via a free update. It would allow players to immerse themselves in games on huge maps and have fun.

Well, they didn’t really have fun because Firestorm mode was full of problems. Part of that was that the map was big enough that player confrontations didn’t happen all that often. That defeats the purpose of the playstyle, which is why it’s at the bottom of the list.

#11 Realm Royale reforged

Any developer should be prepared for their best plans and intentions to be thwarted by players who prefer something earlier. Unfortunately, it often happens that developers spin to please the crowd.

Realm Royale reforged was a battle royale that was redesigned due to fan requests and complaints. They retooled everything and brought it back to a state that the players were happy with. So you can choose your character and team up with others to defeat the enemy. Meanwhile, you forget about weapons and use the terrain to your advantage.

Oh, and if you die? You turn into a chicken.


As you will see, there are many battle royale games out there. But a big challenge among them is to go as far as possible to make their game attractive to different players.

CRSED FOAD takes a “less traveled” approach, mixing all elements to give players as many options as possible. In this case, you can take the typical approach with weapons or use a jetpack to get around, use supernatural elements to curse enemies, and much more!

Meanwhile, you’re trying to escape a deadly fog that’s slowly enveloping the battlefield. So good luck!

#9 Super Tier Royale

What happens when animals on a safari go on a killing spree against each other? Super Animal Royale happens!

This top-down 2D battle royale title is unique compared to others on this list, including the way you battle 63 other players to survive. But just as importantly, there’s a ton of lore in whatever safari you’re in.

As you wander, you’ll meet non-violent characters who will help you fill in the blanks about what happened in this world. Which animal you will be in battle is entirely up to you! There are hundreds of animals for you to choose from. So make your choice and start the fight!

#8 Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

The second “major franchise” on this list, Call of Duty Warzone, was a much better attempt at bringing a well-known IP into the battle royale franchise. The game plays like a multiplayer game of COD but with a battle royale twist.

Before you ask, it’s free to play and you can download it on multiple platforms. The game is also better than the previous big IP when it comes to making the action better and keeping things fun.

They are currently preparing for a major overhaul to coincide with the release of the next entry in the mainline series. You might want to jump up now!

#7 NARAKA: Blade tip

NARAKA: Blade tip tries to stand out from the other battle royale games on this list by focusing more on close-ranged combat than long-range sniping.

Inspired by the great legends of Eastern mythology, you’ll journey through the war-torn realm of More, wielding a hero from myth as you battle other players. Use their unique skills and talents to defeat the enemies in front of you!

Unlike other titles on this list, you can zoom in or out on the battles you want. These include 1v1 duels or 60-person battles. So choose your legend and join the fight!

#6 Spellbreak


Get your hands on a thoroughly magical battle royale title spellbreak. Magic has been trapped and sealed within, and you want it back.

With your magical gauntlets, you take part in fierce battles to fight for the right to use magic! Harness the powers of different classes to choose from and storm the battlefield. However, you can also mix and match these classes to unleash more deadly attacks.

Don’t just think about your skills; think of the terrain. It’s fully destructible, allowing for all sorts of strategies when you’re trying to get ahead. Will you be able to use your magic well in the end?

#5 Hunt: Showdown

At this point, if you want to find a fun twist on the battle royale formula, Hunt: Showdown might be the deal you’re looking for as the game is so much more than a battle royale game. Instead, it’s a PVPVE title.

You are in the Louisiana Bayou at a time when monsters have taken over. You have to go in alone or with friends to hunt down the monsters that roam the land. Then do what you have to do and kill it. But then be ready for the consequences.

Since the job isn’t over until you’re secure with your bounty, every player on the map will swarm you to claim it once the prize is claimed.

#4 Player unknown battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds was the OG of the battle royale market by any measure. Never forget that this game experienced its popularity boom when it was just an Early Access game on Steam. That doesn’t happen that often.

It created a passion that spawned many games, including almost every single one on this list. Still, it’s not the most popular anymore; how is that possible?

It hasn’t evolved as much as others. His desire exceeded his ability, and other games took his place. But it’s still out there, and they’ve been growing lately. So A for effort!

#3 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

While most of the titles we’ve shown you so far are pretty brutal in terms of their gameplay, they’re not the only type of battle royale game out there.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a game released during the pandemic and people immediately flocked to its cute but challenging gameplay. You play as a character who takes part in a game show-like event. You want to make it to the end of each game or obstacle course, trying to knock out other players along the way.

If you survive, you’ll make it to the next round until there’s only one player left!

#2 Apex Legends

One of the nicest things about Apex Legends is that from scratch it grew into one of the most famous battle royale games out there. Seriously, it came out of nowhere with no hype and launched as a free-to-play title. It’s quite risky, but the risk was worth it considering how much time players put into the game.

You choose your character from an eclectic roster of unique personalities and take them on in 3v3 scenarios against other teams. The goal is simply to be the last squad standing.

The Respawn team is constantly updating and improving the game and adding new modes. So once you dive in, you might not come out for a while.


Fortnite how to get and use the Goo Gun

Why is Fourteen days the #1 game on this list? The better question might be, how could it not be? But think seriously about everything the game has done since it arrived. It wasn’t the first battle royale title, but by far the most popular.

It’s constantly having new content across its seasons, and if you’re thinking that no other franchise can bring it into the mix to add new skins and content, you’re in for a big surprise.

The game never stagnates because it’s constantly evolving and players keep coming, so you’ll never have a problem getting into a match.


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