13 Free PlayStation 4 Open World Games Ever

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The PS4 may not be a next-gen console anymore, but with over 100 million units sold and years of play, there’s plenty to go by, especially if you like open-world games. We’re only sticking to the free games and that might mean turning to the battle royale genre. Below are some games that offer an open world, but the map will shrink as you play.

#13 Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Weapon Buffs and Nerfs Season Five Reloaded

We will now warn you that there are many games on this list in battle royale dynamics. While that doesn’t match the authentic aesthetics of open-world titles, we have to admit that there are huge maps you can play on at times, which is a “close enough” scenario.

So let’s start with Call of Duty: Warzone. The game is the franchise’s answer to the battle royale question, and it gets most of those answers right. You can customize your character and engage in battle on sprawling maps to try and come out on top.

#12 Untwisted

For a more accurate representation of open-world games, we turn to Untwisted. In it you play as a survivor in a world full of zombies. Your goal is simple: Don’t let your fellow human beings infect you!

How you deal with it is up to you. You can take the direct approach and take out any enemies you encounter, or you can take the stealthy approach and avoid them altogether. No matter what happens, you must obtain items and materials to survive in this death-filled world.

So do what you have to do to survive! Or, you know, become a zombie – your choice.

#11 Vampire: The Masquerade Blood Hunt

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt

Heading back to the Battle Royale room, we have Vampires: The Masquerade Blood Hunt next. This title isn’t just a battle royale game; Here you can play in teams. In it you become a vampire of your own creation. You design them from top to bottom to become a visually appealing unit. Once your style is set, it’s time to fend off other vampires and drain the blood from civilians!

The more blood you get, the more powerful you become! Rule the battlefield and eliminate anyone who gets in your way! Only then can your team come out on top.

#10 Path of Exile

in the way of exile, you will be banished to a dark continent after being betrayed. Driven by revenge, your goal is to return to those who have wronged you and strike them down!

But the journey will be neither easy nor short. You must traverse the continent you are on and survive the multitude of beasts and dark beings that inhabit there. Also, you’ll need to improve your strength, gear, and skills over time. Get new items, combine gems to get new skills and stats, and become the ultimate being of the realm.

#9 Rumbleverse

Welcome to County City. Don’t blame us for that name; We didn’t make this game! Anyway, in this Battle Royale title known as Rumbleverse, engage in 40-player matches where you create a champion and then send him into town to try and take out the other 39 characters. So that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

You have hundreds of items to choose from to make your character unique. Then, when you find yourself in combat, use a variety of skills and weapons to overcome the odds. With every game you play, you learn something and then strategize to bring everyone down. So don’t waste your shot!

#8 Neverwinter

Have you ever played dungeons? If so, then you know about the Forgotten Realms, and you might even have seen tabletop adventures in them in the past. But if you want a 3D experience in these areas, you have to play Never winter.

This game is D&D brought to life in the best way. You choose your character class and then set off through the Forgotten Realms to defend them and the cities within from danger.

But similar to the tabletop game, the battle won’t be easy. You’ll need to be quick and precise to dodge attacks and unleash your own.

#7 Intrepid

Welcome to a world where monsters are everywhere and you are the only thing that can stop them.

fearless puts you in the role of a Slayer, a warrior tasked with slaying the many Behemoths that roam the vast world. Your challenge is difficult but not impossible. You build an arsenal of weapons and craft armor to take them all down.

But the best part is that you don’t have to do it alone if you don’t want to. You can play cooperatively with millions of other players and work together to defeat the giants! Whether alone or together, the monsters must be fought!

#6 Genshin Impact

in the genshin Impact, You are one of two siblings who travel through dimensions. However, after a mysterious entity separates you, you must search for your siblings in a world you have never been to.

The game plays like several titles you’ve probably tried, including a certain “legendary” franchise. But the catch that many people come into play for is the gacha system. You will summon characters to build your team and fend off armies and other obstacles with an elemental combat system.

Genshin Impact is known to be addictive for various reasons. So if you’ve never played the game before, now might be a good time to give it a try.

#5 Treasure Trove

If you are a fan of Minecraft, then you will probably find it treasure trove something to your liking. The game is similar in its visual aesthetic but features a much larger universe for you to explore and build.

There is a great darkness here, lurking in the dungeons of every realm. You choose a class and work together with other characters to try to fight the darkness. Or you can fight it all by yourself, your choice.

Each dungeon offers many things to do, like fighting enemies and collecting loot. Build in your realm to enhance its beauty, then travel to other players’ realms to see what they’ve made!

#4 Apex Legends

Apex Legends

If you are looking for a massive game to play on your phone and a console or a PC then Apex Legends is one to check out.

Based on titanium fall Universe lets you command one of many different characters in 3v3 battles that will test your ability to use the character and work together with your team. In addition, play with other players in different modes to show who is the best.

The team behind the game is constantly updating the title and adding new modes. So there is always something to do. Oh, and it’s free to play!

#3 War Frame

A game’s open-world concept can be explored in a number of ways, including how much you need to explore and who you can explore with.

in the warframe, You are in a galaxy at war, and only special exosuits can save things. But which exosuit will you use? That’s the question the game asks, one of many. You have over 50 different Warframes to choose from, and each has their own set of abilities to use in battle. Once you’ve picked your favorite, you can embark on quests in the stars to save everyone. Use over 500 weapons to ensure you’re up to any challenge.

#2 Fortnite

We have shown you many open world games and battle royale titles on this list. But if we’re fair Fourteen days is honestly a bit of both worlds.

Yes, it was more or less born as a battle royale title, but as the game grew it used its island setting in a variety of ways. This included changing the island repeatedly to ensure the game’s maps felt fresh. They even flipped the island once for a new season!

Come in addition; There are places in the game’s world where you can have fun without fighting. So there is an open world; it’s just not typical.

#1 Destiny 2

Given the titles we had for this list, it was always interesting to see which one we would put at #1. But at the end destiny 2 won, because if you’re looking for a true open-world game that your friends can access in a meaningful way, this is the game to go to.

Bungie did its best to learn from its past experience with this IP and brought out a profound title on both the single player and multiplayer sides. Also, the game has an extensive DLC set that is still running now. So prepare your Guardians for battle and see what multiple planets have to offer you!


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