4 best ASMR apps for Android to help you fall asleep

ASMR, short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, may sound complicated, but it’s actually a simple concept. ASMR is a relaxing feeling that some people experience when they hear certain sounds.

People have reported feeling “tingles” associated with everything from soft whispers and sounds of nature to nails scraping against a box. ASMR is something of an internet sensation and these apps are designed to use calming ASMR content as tools to help people relax and fall asleep.

1. ASMR sounds for sleep

The ASMR Sounds for Sleep app is extremely easy to use. When you download it you will be asked if you want “All Sounds” or “Random Sounds”. Both sound sets were compiled from a master list of sounds that includes soap carving, scissors, mouth sounds, knocking, hand sounds, the sea and more.


If you don’t want to search for sections, you can go straight to the list of sounds, where you can choose the volume and duration of each sound you want to play. You can also select multiple sounds for a full sensory experience.

Downloads: ASMR Sounds for Sleep for Android (Free)

2. Sparkly ASMR hair brushing

As the app’s title suggests, Tingles ASMR – Hair Brushing is filled with hairbrush sounds that some people find relaxing enough to help them sleep. With its easy-to-use navigation pad, you can scroll through and select from a range of hairbrush sounds.

There are slow hairbrush noises and fast noises. If you play a sound, you can set a sleep timer depending on how long you want it to play. The app has a colorful and simple interface. It opens quickly and allows you to play your favorite sounds instantly. It’s especially useful when you know you need to fall asleep quickly and find these sounds soothing.

While so many oddly satisfying smartphone apps are great for killing time, an ASMR app won’t distract you. Instead, it might help you get your beauty sleep.

Downloads: Tingle’s ASMR Hair Brushing for Android (Free)

3. Sleep sounds – ASMR

There are many apps for ASMR lovers that can help you relax after a long day at work. Sleep Sounds ASMR is an app with a pleasant user experience, especially useful for falling asleep. The app will show you an ad or two, but you can close them to access the content. You can customize the app with a number of themes such as: B. Countryside, Rainy Day, Elements, Instrument and Noise, Downtown and more.

You can also break down your chosen topics. For example, if you select Countryside, you can choose the types of sounds you want to hear, e.g. B. wind, owls, wolves, birds and more. Then you can save your favorite sounds to play selected ones at a later time.

There is also a timer that you can use to set how long you want the content to play. Finally, the app lets you select and mix some sounds by adjusting the volume to your preference. Ads aside, the app offers a very relaxing ASMR experience.

Downloads: Sleep Sounds ASMR for Android (Free)

4. Youtube

YouTube is where ASMR flourished. Various “ASMRtists” (artists who create ASMR videos and sounds) have started their careers on YouTube. So it’s no wonder there are millions of ASMR videos promoting healthy sleep patterns. ASMRtists often credit each other for inventing new triggers and sharing innovative ways of creating content.

A study in PLOS found that ASMR has many positive effects. Not only does it change the emotional state of people who hear it, but it can also play a role in reducing heart rate. The sheer variety of sounds available on YouTube shows that ASMR is something people are getting excited about. And science backs up its ability to help people relax. Try playing ASMR videos on YouTube as part of your nightly routine and see if it helps you sleep better.

Downloads: YouTube for Android (free, subscription available)

Try ASMR apps to help you fall asleep

There is a wide range of sounds and varieties of ASMR available, meaning that you will almost certainly find a deeply relaxing experience when responding to ASMR. With these free apps, you can easily try ASMR to improve your sleep patterns and reduce stress in your daily life.


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