5 Kdramas to enjoy with your family

Thanksgiving 2022 is almost here and what better way to spread the warmth in your home than with lots of food and beautiful kdramas to watch! With the holidays just around the corner, let us bring you a list of shows to tune into that will only add to the fun of this season.

This time around, we’re not only bringing back a list of family kdramas, but ones spanning almost a decade that are brimming with kitsch and a storyline you’ll still enjoy after all this time.

So, without further ado, here are some Korean family dramas that fit right into the Thanksgiving ambiance at your home!

Thanksgiving 2022: 5 family kdramas to watch!

Ojakgyo brothers

Big family definitely has a lot of drama and that’s what this show brings us. With 4 brothers and their wives caught up in the mix, the family must stick together to solve their internal problems and defend their lands from the true owner’s daughter.

Ojakgyo brothers is the story of a family with four sons who live with their relatives on a farm near Seoul. Hwang Tae-hee is the third son and a police officer who falls in love with a girl named Baek Ja-eun.

watch Ojakgyo brothers on KBS drama.

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Ugly alarm

Bringing together the lives of two tough characters who haven’t had it easy, this drama tells the heartwarming story of two people who work hard for their families and the people they love.

Ugly alarm brings the story of Gong Joon-soo who has a hard life after taking the blame for a murder on his stepbrother’s behalf that landed him in prison. While there, however, he acquires sewing skills and later enters the fashion industry, where he meets workaholic Na Do-hee.

watch Ugly alarm on SBS.

life is beautiful

Thanksgiving 2022: Family Kdramas
Life is beautiful poster

Thanksgiving means bringing your whole family together for some quality time where we all laugh, play, and have fun. This drama is the story of a big family that lives together and solves their problems while staying together. A heartwarming drama that best suits the family setting.

life is beautiful brings the story of a multi-generational family facing the issues of personal, social and family acceptance, which eventually leads to love and understanding.

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Wang’s family

While it’s nice to visit your family for Thanksgiving, you certainly wouldn’t want them to stay behind long, but that’s exactly what happens in this drama. When the three daughters of the Wang family return because of their personal troubles, chaos is certain and it’s like returning to the days that should have stayed in the past.

Wang’s family brings the story of the Wang family as they face a series of challenges: elitism; discrimination; Children returning home after living alone during college. With shifts in power dynamics and the birth of babies struggling financially, can this family really survive?

watch Wang’s family on KBS World.

the heirs

Every family has its fun and struggles, and that includes those from super-rich backgrounds. This drama brings power struggles between family members and a love story that draws a poor girl into battle, making it a melodrama you won’t want to miss.

the heirs revolves around Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho), who is the heir to a business empire but is exiled by his half-brother. In exile he falls in love with a woman who turns out to be the daughter of his housekeeper. When his fiancé arrives to take him back to South Korea, he is torn between his duties as an inheritor and his love.

watch the heirs on Viki.

Which of these makes your Thanksgiving watch list? Let us know in the comments below!

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