8 games where you play as a dinosaur

Many games let you play in a prehistoric world or fight total destruction at the claws of giant dinos in the modern world, but few let you play as dinosaurs disrupting mankind. Occasionally, however, some will break through, offering players the opportunity to inflict maximum damage as only a T-Rex can.

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There are a variety of genres in the dino world, giving everyone a chance to fulfill their childhood dream of being a brontosaurus. Some games are even kid-friendly, so you might be able to encourage the kid’s dinosaur phase in your life.


8/8 Dinosaur Game (2014)

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game t rex approaching cacti

No, Dinosaur Game isn’t a full-length playable game for a console or anything like that, but it’s a classic for the generations growing up with the internet, especially if yours crashes a lot. Also known as Chrome Dino Runner, it’s a scroller where you control a T-Rex and navigate through a desert.

Since then, Dinosaur Game can be played anytime – not just when you’re offline – and its simplicity and old-school feel make it a nostalgic game for Google users. Also, it’s a perfect time killer when you’re bored and need to do chores in between or take a short break at work.

7/8 The Island (2015)

The Isle gameplay two dinos running together

The Isle is an open world survival game and has over a dozen different dinosaurs in its roster for you to choose from. If you’ve ever seen Jurassic Park and wanted to see things from the dinosaurs’ perspective, this game might be as close as you can get to being a dino roaming an island with its various prey and predators.

The graphics are incredibly lifelike and will immerse you in a world that is truly a matter of live or die. When choosing your creature, you should consider what (if anything) they are running from and what their size means to hide or enforce respect from everyone else living on the island.

6/8 Dinosaur (2017)

Dinosaur gameplay, flying dinosaur snapped by a crocodile

Saurian is unique in that it puts you in the life of a dinosaur from start to finish. You hatch as baby dinosaurs and live your life (hopefully) into adulthood while avoiding predators and natural events that mimic prehistoric conditions.

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The game bills itself as the “most accurate dinosaur simulator” because it was developed with input from real paleontologists who studied dinosaurs and the world they lived in 66 million years ago. The plant life and surrounding ecosystem are all perfectly timed for the time period, allowing you to truly live the life of a dinosaur.

5/8 Primal Fury (1994)

Primal Rage Gameplay Two dinos fighting

Not a dinosaur simulator, Primal Rage allows you to fight as one. This game features seven different large beasts including a dinosaur playing on an apocalyptic earth. A traditional fighter, bloody and violent in the same spirit as Mortal Kombat, what you sacrifice in realism you gain in action.

As this is an older game, you will need an older system to play it, including a Sega or OG PlayStation. However, if you happen to have one handy, Primal Rage in all its 90s glory is a great monster fighting game that gives you the opportunity to create your own epic battles, much like Godzilla vs. Kong.

4/8 Beasts of Bermuda (2018)

Beasts of Bermuda Gameplay Baby dinosaurs in the mouth of a big dinosaur

In Beasts of Bermuda, you choose one of four dinosaur types to play as airborne, aquatic, herbivore or carnivore. Skills and survival needs vary depending on the category you select, giving you a variety of options and pros and cons for each category.

Beasts of Bermuda is not only a survival game, but also online multiplayer with active communication. You will also have variations in weather and ecosystems, making the game extremely customizable to your wants and needs.

3/8 Path of the Titans (2020)

Path of Titans gameplay big dino attacking smaller dino

Another survival game, Path of Titans is an MMO with realistic graphics that puts you in control of a dinosaur that must fight its way through a prehistoric world. If you don’t want to play with others (the game can potentially have 200 active players) there is a single player mode where you can battle the AI.

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Path of Titans has quests in store for you as you make your way through the complex ecosystem you find yourself in, creating an action-packed world where anything can happen. Think among us, but with massive prehistoric beasts. You can also hunt for food while avoiding being hunted yourself.

2/8 Gigantosaurus (2020)

Gigantosaurus gameplay on a cliff

If you want less intense gameplay as a dino, Gigantosaurus isn’t about realism or escaping certain death. Instead, you’re one of a handful of cartoon dinosaurs trying to save the world from a volcano that’s about to erupt.

There are exploration aspects to this game as well as racing against other players, giving every player a chance to be good at something. It also changes pace during gameplay to keep things interesting. Gigantosaurus is the perfect game for young and old dino lovers family to get together.

1/8 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995)

Yoshi's Island 1995 gameplay through the field

Yoshi’s Island is a throwback and one of many great Mario games based around Yoshi. You take on the role of the cute dinosaur as he escorts an equally adorable baby Mario across the world to rescue baby Luigi from his kidnapper.

This game was a complete departure from what Mario games had come before, but kids and adults loved it just as much, making it a classic in the gaming world and a driving force behind our love for Yoshi. Yoshi’s Island has proven itself so well that it’s been ported to the Switch for a new generation of gamers.

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