9 essential apps for students to download on a new iPad

The Apple iPad is a phenomenal device for students. So it’s not surprising that companies are releasing iPad apps exclusively for students.

If you just got yourself an iPad, you have free access to several cool apps that can help you with school and create a healthy routine.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best iPad apps for students.

1. Notoriety

Notability is the app of choice for many students when it comes to note-taking. The interface of this app is simple; Still, it’s packed with useful features. Students can use this app to write notes and organize them in the app. You can categorize the notes by subject or date. Additionally, you can also add subsections within folders and even color code them.

Additionally, Notability also allows students to annotate PDFs, which can be an impressive tool when studying. The app comes with multiple templates so students can choose a format that best suits their note-taking preferences. Aside from typing notes, students can also use Notability to record audio during lectures. So you can also multitask during the lecture. You can for example buy an essay online for your next class via your computer and never miss a part of the lecture.

Besides that. Notability also works with Macbooks and iPads. This means students can easily access notes from any device, making work even more convenient.

2. TickTick – To-do list

Every student needs a to-do list to keep up with all assignments and classes. The app is pretty simple. Students can add the tasks they want to complete and give them a date. TickTick also allows users to set a reminder so they don’t miss a deadline.

And interestingly that Appointment Scheduling App can also automatically turn emails into tasks if enabled. That means you don’t even have to keep track of every deadline or task that comes in via email. The app also integrates your tasks into your calendar.

All the features of TikTick will also be available across different devices.


Quizlet is a flashcard and study application that can be a great tool for students. The app essentially allows students to design their own flashcards. You can choose any format, e.g. B. multiple choice, true-false or written questions. What’s more, Quizlet has smart correction, so you won’t be penalized even if you get minor details wrong.

In addition, these flashcards can also be converted into tests. This is a great way to test your memory when preparing for an exam. Students don’t always have to create flashcards from scratch. You can also use flashcards designed by other students. Quizlet has over 17 million users, so there won’t be a shortage of flashcards.

4. Headspace

As a student you have a lot on your plate. And as such, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. This is where Headspace comes in. This app really helps students pay more attention and the best part is that you only need to spend about 15 minutes on it.

Headspace includes many guided meditations, and you can choose one based on your mood. The app guides you through breathing exercises and has various soothing music that you can play in the background while you study. Headspace even has a special playlist called Back to School with exercises and meditations for students.

5. Google Docs

You may be wondering why you would want to use Google Docs when you already have Pages on your iPad. Well, unfortunately, not everyone uses Pages, and the app doesn’t have all of Docs’ collaborative features.

In addition, you can access documents online and offline, no matter what device you use. Google Docs’ interface is more or less similar to Microsoft Word Processor, but it’s more refined. You can easily share the document with others using links or export it to another format.

Additionally, Google Docs also has a built-in citation tool that does this Make essay writing easier for students.

9 essential apps for students to download on a new iPad

6. Grammar

Well, when talking about writing apps, it’s impossible to overlook Grammarly. As a student, you will be expected to write at least a few term papers per week. And you may not have enough time to do thorough proofreading. Grammar can make this step easy. It can be used with Google Docs, with your browser, or added to your keyboard.

Simply put, Grammarly detects any spelling or grammatical errors in your text. It will also suggest changes based on your writing style to improve the clarity and overall readability of the paper. If needed, you can also use Grammarly to check the plagiarism score of your work.

7. Focus City

Focus City is an excellent app for students who are often tempted to switch to YouTube or Netflix in the middle of college. Focus City allows you to schedule study sessions for any duration. After a lesson you can take a break. Additionally, you can also block distracting websites during study sessions.

For each successfully completed lesson, Focus City adds buildings to your city. This can add to your sense of accomplishment. So depending on how much you learn, your virtual city will grow – before reverting to empty land at the end of the day.


Readwise is an app that allows students to store information from Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Instapaper, Pocket, Twitter, Medium and Goodreads in one place.

This allows you to effortlessly read and review the best parts of your favorite books. Readwise can also email the parts you have saved. In addition, you can also add notes manually to this app. Readwise can be a great tool for keeping important information you come across on the internet in one place – so you don’t have to search the page again if you need to.

Aside from these apps, the iPad also has various apps that cater to the unique interests of students. For example, art students might particularly like ProCreate, while literature students might prefer Apple Books. And let’s not forget the variety of built-in apps like Numbers, Dictionary, Notes, and Reminders that can be useful for students.


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