A fateful love that just lasts a little longer than others

Netflix brings a Japanese series First love (初恋), which is full of heartfelt romance that makes you swoon over the 9 episodes. Directed and written by Yuri Kanchiku, the show stars Hikari Mitsushima, Takeru Satoh, Rikako Yagi, Taisei Kido, Kaho, Minami, Towa Araki, Gaku Hamada, and Aoi Yamada, among other cast members.

The show brings the touching love story of fateful lovers whose story takes drastic turns until they meet again. Will fate bring them back together after going through hard times and challenges that tear them apart?

The Netflix synopsis of the series reads:

Young, free and totally in love. As a teenager, the world was her oyster – but as an adult, her life seems bleaker, as if a very important piece is missing.

-First Love Review contains no spoilers-

First love is a show that will give you all sorts of emotions related to falling in love for the first time and this can be felt in just 9 episodes because that’s how long the story will last. The show really brought out the silliness that one feels when first falling in love and also brings with it the powerful emotions that defy all odds to last.

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First love rating
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The series does bring some good feelings to the table alongside the heartbreaking ones, but that’s more or less expected of the romance genre to keep things moving. And while there were some very predictable moments in the show, I have to say that the show didn’t fail to keep me entertained and addicted.

The actors all did a wonderful job of conveying the emotions of an unforgettable first love, and that goes for both the young and the older performers. The transitions between past and present are also done very nicely, although it can be a bit confusing at some points.

First love rating
first love yet

To enhance the love between the two leads, I also loved the moments of motherly love that came to light on the show. Yae Noguchi plays the role of a daughter and a mother, which shows that she expresses a beautiful kind of love in both roles. Especially when it comes to her son, she really does her best by showing her strength while working hard wherever she can.

I have to commend the subtitles which bring out the beauty of this film for all of us, and the dubbed versions aren’t bad either, making it even better for those who don’t want their eyes to wander behind the subtitles.

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First love rating
first love yet

What really surprised me was that the show is based on the songs of Japanese singer Hikaru Utada. First love and hatsukoi that are played in the series and really make you want to listen.

Finally, the tearful ending fills our hearts with love as her innocent seed filled with her feelings really squirts into a beautiful tree, even if it has forgotten where it was kept; just like the squirrels that Yae Noguchi mentions to Harumichi Namiki.

Conclusion: first love

This is a beautiful story for all those moments when you just want to feel and believe in love and the part that fate plays in bringing two hearts together. And while those predictable moments will make you want to skip, holding on to the end is a better option, as there’s more to this show than just a love story.

Overall, this is definitely a show to watch as it slowly makes you believe in fate. Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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