A film that shouldn’t have been made

Christmas at the mistletoe farm (Nosso Natal na Fazenda) is a new Christmas comedy released on Netflix. Written and directed by Debbie Isitt, the film follows a struggling father of five as he struggles to balance his work and personal life. The total running time of the film is 100 minutes.

Christmas at the mistletoe farm

The film’s cast includes Scott Garnham, Scott Paige, Kathryn Drysdale, Delilah O’Riordan, Evan Scott, Madison Davis, Faith Delaney Dexter Sol Ansell, Carolyn Pickles, Ashley Jensen, Celia Imrie, Inel Tomlinson, Sydney Isitt-Ager and Jonny Weldon , Simon Lipkin, Stewart Wright, Steven Wickham, Gabriel Vick, Hannah Smith and Isaac Fox.

The film is being produced by Chris Bunyan, Nick Jones and Hannah Perks. The music comes from Nicky Ager and Debbie Isitt. Sean Van Hales is the cinematographer on the film.

The Netflix synopsis of the film reads:

After inheriting a farm at Christmas time, a widowed father adjusts shakily to village life – while his children make a plan to stay there forever.

-Christmas On Mistletoe Farm Review Contains No Spoilers-

Let’s start with the positive aspects of the film, namely the locations. Christmas at the mistletoe farm was filmed in the West Midlands region of England. The exquisite scenery will give viewers an up-close look at life in the countryside. It also gives us a closer look at the small demographic living in the small village, their habits and culture.

The background music, along with various songs played throughout the film, is quite nice. The folk dances, which are incorporated together with the songs, are also pleasing. The part where the village people celebrate leaves a smile on the viewer’s faces.

As for the plot of the film, it will not live up to expectations at all. The story is extremely predictable, and it’s hard not to see what’s coming. The storytelling process could have been done better as the plot progression could have been faster in the beginning. The pace of the film suddenly picked up in the final five minutes. A lot more happened in the end compared to the whole movie, which stretches out the same thought for an hour and a half.

Christmas at Mistelhof 1

The film’s director tried to make it relatable but failed miserably. The jokes were over the top and unfunny, which made it even more unbearable. The man has been seen trying to bond with his children while also asking questions about his past, and none of this can be taken seriously when combined with some horrible comedy.

The character development was also unsatisfactory. Characters changed their minds about different situations in a second without any explanation. There was also a desperate attempt to fit a romantic angle into the story, which remains a mystery since the characters were barely seen together on screen for a minute.

However, the actors did a fairly satisfactory job. Scott Garnham as Matt stayed true to his role throughout. But his efforts failed to save the film in any way. The other actors also gave a good performance and delivered what the script called for.

The main takeaway from the film is to first choose your family over anything or anyone else and to do things that make them happy. Repairing broken relationships and letting go of the pain is what the story tries to convey.

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Christmas at Mistelhof: Final Thoughts

Christmas at the mistletoe farm

The film, which is supposed to sweeten the holiday, will disappoint you. The audience will keep wondering about the purpose of the film and will find nothing. As the headline suggests, it should never have been done and saved everyone time and resources.

Christmas at the mistletoe farm now streaming on Netflix.

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