AEW Dynamite Results: Winners, Grades, Reactions and Highlights of November 23 | News, Results, Highlights, Stats and Rumours

AEW Dynamite Results: Winners, Grades, Reactions and Highlights from November 23rd

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    William Regal shocked the wrestling world with his actions at the end of Full Gear.

    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    After AEW Full Gear, the wrestling world had one question: why, William Regal, why?

    The admitted villain revealed the motivations behind his betrayal of Jon Moxley and why he helped MJF win the AEW World Championship on this week’s Dynamite.

    Regal’s first words since the pay-per-view were the headlines of a show that always featured match #2 in the best-of-seven series for the AEW Trios Championship between The Elite and Death Triangle.

    How would Chicago audiences greet Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks after their controversial final months, what did Regal have to say and what else was going on on the post-Full Gear show?

    Find out now with this recap of the November 23 episode.

William Regal explains his actions

2 out of 5

    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    William Regal opened the show by informing Chicago fans that new AEW World Champion MJF would not be there tonight. Before he could explain himself, Jon Moxley marched through the crowd trying to confront his mentor.

    Bryan Danielson interrupted him and talked him out of physically attacking Regal, but the former champion still ordered the villain to run and never come back.

    This was an…interesting segment, to say the least.

    Danielson attempted to reference Moxley by associating his teammate’s struggle with alcoholism with his father’s, then slapped him and repeatedly uttered the word “sorry.”

    Moxley resisted The American Dragon’s urge to remind him of Regal’s health issues and then ordered him away without clarifying why the future Hall of Famer did what he did. Sure, we’ve heard of Regal, but the promo segment didn’t do anything other than seemingly write the Brits from TV.

    For now.

    Not the hottest of starts and the crowd let them hear it, chanting “b******t” out loud while Danielson tried to evoke emotion.



    top moments

  • Chants of “CM Punk” were heard over Excalibur’s commentary intro, setting the stage for the night’s show and audience interaction.
  • Regal revealed that MJF was on the set of a major movie likely related to “Iron Claw” starring Zac Efron and based on the legendary Von Erich family.
  • “I don’t know why he did what he did on Saturday, but you did bad things too. I also. We’ve all done bad things,” Danielson asked Moxley not to attack Regal.
  • “Man, I just want one thing from you: run. Run as far as you can and never come back,” Moxley told his mentor.

AEW All-Atlantic Championship Match: Orange Cassidy vs. Jake Hager

3 out of 5

    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Orange Cassidy kicked off the in-ring portion of this week’s show by defending his AEW All-Atlantic Championship against Jake Hager.

    The artist formerly known as The All-American American dominated the competition, overwhelming Freshly Squeezed for most of the fight before making a late comeback sparked by a Tornado DDT.

    He resisted a final attempt at an ankle lock from Hager, rocked it with an orange punch, and rolled it up for the win.

    After the match, The Factory appeared, only to be interrupted by the returning House of Black. Malakai Black, Brody King and Buddy Matthews devastated everyone including prelim wrestlers and security.

    They stood united at the top of the ramp to complete the segment.

    and the How to reintroduce a faction and instantly feel like one of the biggest deals of the entire show.

    The House of Blacks looked like champions there, an unstoppable force raging indiscriminately in their wrath. Black and Co. put on baby faces and heels and received a huge ovation from the fans.

    For the first time since his debut with Cody Rhodes, Black looked like the star he should have been a long time ago. More of this please Tony Khan.

    As for the match, it was perfectly acceptable to wrestle between one of the best in-ring guys in AEW all year (Cassidy) and a guy who rarely gets into singles matches (Hager).


    Cassidy defeated Hager to retain


    C+ for match, A+ for post match

    top moments

  • The pop for Cassidy’s performance was electric and reflected how much the fans love him.
  • Cassidy knocked Hager’s hat off his head, infuriating him and leading to the sustained heel heat segment.
  • Julia Hart appeared, raised her hand and as she did the lights came back on and House of Black began their attack.

Full Gear World Title Eliminator Tournament Final: Ricky Starks vs. Ethan Page

4 out of 5

    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Ricky Starks competed in Wednesday’s Full Gear World Title Eliminator Tournament nursing the final injuries he sustained at the hands of Lance Archer over the past two weeks. To earn a shot at MJF’s AEW World Championship at Winter Is Coming, the former FTW Champion would need to put on a brave performance.

    That’s exactly what Starks delivered.

    He overcame a concentrated attack from Page and rocked him with two javelins to earn the pinfall victory and set up the biggest match of his young career.

    The match was good, interrupted as usual by a picture-in-picture commercial break, which in any case negatively affects the flow of the game. Still, Page looked like the vastly superior wrestler that night, and pretty much gained from the push that got him to this match.

    In the end, it was Stark’s resilience that gave him the win and first world title opportunity under the AEW umbrella. This match against MJF was to be an exceptional one, making Starks a bigger star than before.


    Stark’s defeated Page



    top moments

  • It was probably not intentional the way it turned out, but Tony Schiavone’s insistence that Page had an easier route to the finals than Stark’s, regardless of the injury Absolute suffered along the way, was a slap in the face to Eddie Kingston and Bandido.
  • Referee Stefon Smith threw Stokely Hathaway off ring, preventing him from engaging in the game’s outcome.

Best of Seven Series: The Elite vs. Death Triangle (Match Two)

5 out of 5

    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The Elite lost to Death Triangle at Full Gear on Saturday night thanks to a shot in the face with Rey Fenix’s timekeeper’s hammer. Wednesday night the same gun would hit Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks all over again.

    The match was an action-packed party match that got a little too cute when The Elite taunted CM Punk and received a chorus of boos for it. Still, the guys involved do this type of match so well, keeping the fans engaged while pulling off some explosive action.

    The real centerpiece of that match, however, was the finish, where Penta El Zero Miedo took a page out of the book of Pac and his brother Fenix ​​by beating Matt Jackson to victory and a 2-0 lead with the same timekeeper’s hammer in the game rocked series.

    This is almost certainly a win for The Elite as they win the Trios titles, but it would do wonders for Death Triangle if they emerged victorious.

    Regardless, this was another strong performance in the ring, and possibly even better, depending on your personal preference.


    The Death Triangle has defeated the Elite



    top moments

  • Chicago fans reacted overwhelmingly negatively to The Elite, booing them and chanting “CM Punk” in response to the All Out drama and the alleged brawl that ensued. If you’ve been living under a rock, google it.
  • Omega bit Pac, certainly a reference to the brawl mentioned above.
  • Omega delivered a GTS for two and drew another loud reaction.
  • Fenix ​​argued with Penta after the match and took offense at his brother’s actions, despite having done the same just days earlier to win the first match.


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