Andors Brasso highlights his different Star Wars history perfectly

Andor introduces many new characters to the Star Wars universe, none of whom exemplify its diverse history better than Brasso.

Warning: Spoilers follow for Andor Episode 12.

in 12 episodes, Andor Season 1 introduced many new characters to the war of stars Universum, but Brasso encapsulates best Andor‘s differences from regular war of stars stories. Brasso, played by Joplin Sibtain, was first introduced as a worker on Ferrix and a good friend of Cassian Andor. Brasso’s screen time dropped after Episode 3’s story moved away from Ferrix, but he’s returning for the build-up and payoff Andoris over. In which Andor In the season finale, Brasso is portrayed in a way that shows how unique he is Andor tells its story compared to traditional war of stars releases.


Especially in the main war of stars Film series portray central characters as stalwart rebellious heroes who, in one way or another, have dedicated their lives to fighting tyranny. The same is true even for Cassian Andor and Luthen. Brasso, on the other hand, is just a normal man trying to live his life on Ferrix, but rises to fight Imperial oppression when marginalized. Andor rightly shows that everyday citizens like Brasso are an integral part of the Rebellion’s eventual victory over the Empire and that freedom is not only won by great galactic heroes like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Cassian Andor himself.

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Brasso’s bravery embodies Andor’s approach to rebel stories

Brasso in Andor

While telling the story of how Cassian eventually becomes one of those integral heroes by stealing the Death Star plans Villain One, Andor has also spun stories about the smaller but equally important rebels at the heart of war of stars‘War on the Empire. Much like Andy Serki’s character Kino Loy, Brasso isn’t destined to change the galaxy with actions like defeating the Emperor or blowing up the Death Star. Instead, Brasso is just an ordinary man pushed to a point where he can no longer stand the tyranny of the Empire.

Through characters like Brasso and Kino Loy, Andor tells tales of rebels akin to real-life freedom fighters, and more broadly exemplifies the much more grounded, mature tone Andor is strived. It doesn’t just do that Andor unique as a whole, but its individual characters become much more compelling through differentiation from the larger-than-life ones war of stars Stories that the audience has become accustomed to. The loftier stories still work, of course, but Andor is currently enjoying critical acclaim not seen since The Empire Strikes Backand this is partly due to the relatable qualities exemplified by characters like Brasso.

Brasso is the key to Cassian Andor’s own rebellion

Cassian Andor in the Andor final

Brasso is an embodiment of what makes Andor different than one war of stars story, but he’s also instrumental in Cassian Andor’s latest push to rebel against the Empire. After helping Cassian evade capture in previous episodes, Brasso plays a major role AndorSeason 1 Finale. Not only does he deliver Maarva’s emotional last words to Andor, Brasso joins B2EMO to deliver Maarva’s speech to the downtrodden people of Ferrix before delivering the first physical blow. These pivotal moments ignite the fire in Cassian Andor and propel him to his own personal rebellion. Brasso’s influence on Cassian will no doubt continue in large measure Andor Season 2.

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