Apple Arcade: Best Racing Games, Ranked

Subscription entertainment is the new norm today, and the gaming world is no different. The success of mainstream gaming services like Xbox GamePass and Playstation Plus has pushed the boundaries of what’s new in the gaming industry. Considering pioneering giant Apple, it came as no surprise when it led the mobile gaming world with its Apple Arcade subscription services. Since its release in 2019, Apple Arcade’s subscription has stood the test of time through its business model, and mobile gamers (though not entirely impressed) agree that it’s a relatively affordable option for ad-free play.

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Apple Arcade offers some of the most extreme racing games, both exclusive and well known. While the subscription-based service doesn’t produce gems every day, there have been racing games that quickly became fan favorites, or were favorites from the start.


5/5 Distorted kart racers

spoiled kart racer Hank Hill

Team Nintendo was a pioneer in bringing together several of its distinct characters in different genres under one roof and succeeding on a grand scale. Several decades after the first installment, many other IPs tried their luck in the racing game universe. The new guy on the block is him Distorted kart racers for AppleArcade.

The game takes most of the characters from Fox Network’s roster of adult animated TV shows and puts them in a “quirky and wacky” kart race. Although the game has been cited as a rip off Mario Kart Even before the franchise started, the idea of ​​having characters who can be assigned to different age groups compete against each other in a kart race caused excitement. The whole family left family Guya few majors out american fatherand king of the hill have made their way onto the debut squad list. Considering that iOS games may have updates in the future, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this The simpsons also come on board.

4/5 detonation race

Detonation Racing Apple Arcade

In the second half of the 2000s, the place for the most popular street car racing game was fought between Need speed franchise and the Burn out Franchise. However, times have changed with the birth of a new decade and both franchises have failed to replicate their huge success on mainstream consoles and PC. For fans who love a street racing game with spice and lots of kaboom, detonation race is the perfect choice.

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Electric Square’s (not to be confused with Electronic Arts) game combines high-speed racing on city streets with fiendish hurdles to be placed/dropped/cracked along the way. If you think about it, you might think it’s a bizarre baby Burn out and hot tyres and is a real blast (pun intended) for killing time on iOS devices.

3/5 Super impossible road

Super impossible road 2

Super impossible road literally takes a road less traveled. The game is set in the vast emptiness of space, where various racing tracks are scattered across distant galaxies and relevant backdrops. Gamers used to the 1993 classic Sky Roads would find similarities here and there, but the high-octane gameplay demands fast-paced action.

The courses have obstacles, dangerous corners, hot wheels loops and boosts. However, there is a catch! The game is fair by no rules and players can do anything to cross the finish line. What makes it even more fun is online crossplay on consoles like Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, allowing players to compete with anyone and everyone from the gaming world.

2/5 intercept agents

Agent Intercept Apple Arcade

intercept agents is a store pickup game for anyone looking for an offline mission-based action racer. The game is time based and has a Fast and Furious Mood. Players take on the role of an undercover agent tasked with bringing high-profile escape criminals in his loaded car – the Scepter. Navigating through the harsh environment, dodging bombs, bullets and hazards along the way while pushing the scepter to its maximum limit to eliminate the enemy is at the core of the game.

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Each mission is different and has its own plot. Aside from its undercover spy racing aspect, the game also features, or in this case pays homage to, some of the most iconic car perks seen in the Bond films. Machine guns in the front and oil slicks in the back at the touch of a button are things that offer players an intense road rage adventure. The cinematic visuals, which help clarify the objectives, and the in-game visuals go hand-in-hand to provide players with an experience that is true to the game Fast and Furious.

1/5 speed demons

Speed ​​Demons Apple Arcade

speed demons could be the spiritual remake for gamers familiar with the 8-bit classic Road Fighters that could fill the nostalgic void left by decades. The game by Randian Games features a top-down highway racing experience with four different game modes to suit the mood of the game.

The game combines a good portion of action and intense driving moments, bundled in buttery smooth graphics for iOS devices. With over a ton of vehicles to choose from and limitless ways to wreak havoc on the streets, this game is sure to sneak out as an all-time favorite.

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