Bellina leads the field of 81 for the PVTBC event

The Pahrump Nugget was the location for the Pahrump Valley Tournament Bowling Club’s November event on Saturday.

The event was a certified snakebite, 10-pin no-tap tournament featuring 81 bowlers divided into two divisions. There were 41 bowlers in the A Division and 40 bowlers in the B Division.

The top 10 bowlers in Division A and the top 9 bowlers in Division B received a portion of the prize pool based on their final placements in the tournament.

Wayne Bellina took first place in the A division.

He finished the tournament with a tournament high of 830 total points. Bellina bowled single-game scores of 213, 204, and 278, in addition to his handicap score of 135.

This was Bellina’s first PVTBC tournament appearance that season.

Bellina narrowly edged out second-placed Janstin Correa.

Correa finished just one pin behind Bellina with 829 total points. Correa bowled games of 213, 162 and 298 to go along with the handicap score of 156 points.

Correa’s third game score of 298 was the highest single game score of the tournament. The next best points were Bellina and Shaun Upton, each scoring 278 points during the tournament.

Third in the A Division was Gordon Sawyer.

Sawyer finished the event with singles game scores of 224, 179 and 258, along with his handicap score of 145 for a total score of 806 points.

This was Sawyer’s first top 3 finish of the 2022 season.

The remaining seven bowlers who landed in the winning positions were George Smith (801), Mary Martinez (799), Larry Attebery (787), Zid Cabuena (780), Barbara Wilson (768), Shaun Upton (762) and Charity Musical (754).

Cindy Sim went home with the highest distinction in the B class.

Sim ended the day with a total of 785 points. She had single game scores of 188, 131 and 229. In addition to her single game scores, Sim also had a handicap score of 237 points for the event.

This was Sim’s first league win of the season.

Second place in the B division in the certified Snakebite event was Kathy Wheeler.

Wheeler narrowly missed her first spot in the division and finished the day with 781 points, just four points behind Sim.

Wheeler scored 169, 146, and 188 points in her three tournament games. She also had a handicap score of 278 points.

This was Wheeler’s first top 3 result of the PVTBC season.

Third place in Class B was Sis Fronk.

Fronk finished her tournament with game scores of 171, 143 and 236, in addition to her handicap score of 226, giving her a total of 776 points in the event.

Fronk’s third game score of 236 was the highest single game score in the B Division.

The other bowlers who landed in award-winning positions in the B division were Debbie Varner (755), Cheryl Zabel (750), Diane Courtney (749), Dennis Pallett (739), Ralph Johnson (728), Sam Courtney (726 ). and Dawn Mohl (726).

After the tournament, two side pots were split among the bowlers who ended up in the qualifying positions.

The scratch sidepot was awarded to the bowlers with the best six totals excluding their handicaps, while the handicap sidepot was awarded to the bowlers with the best 16 totals including handicaps.

In the handicap side pot, Wayne Bellina took first place with 830 points. Janstin Correa placed second with 829 points while Gordon Sawyer placed third with 806 points.

In the scratch side pot, Mary Martinez took first place with her 3-game total of 713 points. Shaun Upton came in second with 706 points and Zid Cabuena in third with 686 points.

The PVTBC will have one more tournament this season before taking a holiday break.

Their final event is on Saturday, December 17th at 1:00 p.m. The tournament will be a certified no-tap singles event with a handicap and a scratch side pot. Debbie Varner and Dee Runau will direct.

After the tournament, the PVTBC will host their Christmas party at Moose Lodge #808 starting at 6:00 p.m

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