Black Friday Alert! The black-owned games that make holiday game night a blast

The holiday party season brings food, drinks and lots of games. It can never be boring!

Bring on the laughs and competition with the right people and this list of Black Owned Card and Board Games.

catch trap


Resident of Chicago, IL, husband and wife couple Chris and Rachel Gregoire are the founders of social enterprise Fam Foolery, Inc. They created their flagship game, Trap Snatch, to bridge the gap in games that celebrate cultural differences.

For kids, students, friends and even grandma, this game challenges your team to say the word on your card the fastest without using case words and tests their knowledge of black history.

Lightning Champz


Created by the two-time women’s tackle football gold medalist and five-time national champion, Adrian Smith, Blitz Champz is an ultimate football card game for kids ages 7-8. It teaches and tests football knowledge and strategy while strengthening math skills.



Do you think you can roast? Lanee Higgins and Of that Ford are the masterminds behind this dangerously hilarious insult party card game that encourages you to sharpen your roast game. Use your knowledge and imagination to score as many points as you can with gentle jokes, pats and more.

rhyme antics


Created by Chantel Galloway, Rhyme Antics is a fun vocabulary card game inspired by hip-hop. For ages 12 and up, players are challenged to think to the beat while free-forming a rhyming verse in correct English only. The game uses difficulty levels of rhymes and vocabulary combined with music to develop each player’s skills.

trade race


Multidisciplinary artist Kenyatta Forbes produced a party game for black culture. It provokes players to challenge the blackness of the people depicted on the cards. The idea is to create an intriguing dialogue about what makes one person more Black-aware than the other in a humorous and entertaining way. Would Rachel Dolezal Beat Stacey Dash?

Brilliant or BS


Calling Bluffers and Brainiacs! TV challenge producer and native of Washington DC Kimelia Weathers-Smith is the creator of this trivia game where you put your friends to the test to see who is brilliant and who is just faking it. With 88 trivia questions, categories include entertainment, food, drink, geography, sports, history, science and technology.

Black Wall Street The Board Game

(Game Black Wall Street)

De’Von Truvel and Sinclair are the founders of Play Black Wall Street. Focused on game and curriculum development, Truvel is the creator of the first black history and entrepreneur board game inspired by the real businesses and events of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s a fun way for families to increase their financial literacy and knowledge of black history at the same time.


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