Both daily active users and downloads saw year-over-year increases in the third quarter, despite |

SocialPeta has released a new report that looks at advertising across genres in Q3 2022, as well as the state of mobile game marketing during the quarter.

The number of mobile game advertisers in the third quarter exceeded 36,000, up 16.6 percent year-on-year. Even so, the number of creators stood at 2.6 million, down 8.7 percent from the same period in 2021.

Creatives and advertiser count peaked in July at 8 million and 25,000, respectively. However, those numbers declined in August. Creatives saw a particularly sharp drop of 20 percent to under 7 million.

Mobile game downloads continued to grow after a sharp decline in the first quarter, with the number of downloads falling to around 7.65 billion from 7.7 billion. Download rates have continued to increase throughout the year and download numbers for Q3 were approximately 7.8 billion, up 100 million from Q3 and up 6 percent from 7.45 billion in Q3 2nd quarter of 2021. This suggests the market is recovering after the market downturn as Covid restrictions were lifted around the world.

Daily active users (DAU) increased steadily throughout the year, despite a slowdown in downloads. Q3 saw an 11 percent increase in DAU, with more than 300 million players constantly engaging with mobile gaming apps.

Casual gaming proved to be the top performing genre in terms of monthly advertisers with over 7200 in Q3. That’s 80 percent more than the second most successful genre, Puzzle, which had 4,000.

Still, casual games lagged behind other genres in terms of monthly creatives at around 200. In contrast, the strategy genre saw 524 creatives per advertiser. This was followed by casino games at 385 and RPG titles at 381. This suggests that while the casual genre gets the bulk of advertising budgets, these ads are repeated more frequently compared to other genres.

Android led the iOS markets in terms of both unique advertisers (62 percent) and number of creatives (71 percent). This is in line with the previous quarter and could reflect publishers shifting their focus to Android devices following the launch of Apple’s new IDFA.

In terms of advertisers, casino (67.5 percent), casual (63.6 percent), and card games (56.1 percent) saw the greatest success on Android platforms, while adventure games saw the highest percentage of advertisers at 62.5 percent iOS recorded.

Video creatives remained the most popular form of advertising at 83.6 percent, but that percentage represents a 1.84 percent decrease from the same period in 2021. In contrast, image creatives saw a 1 percent increase to 12 percent. These creatives proved particularly popular in role-playing and card games, accounting for more than 20 percent of creatives in both genres.

In August, SocialPeta reported on how mobile advertisers are transitioning to a model with fewer but higher-quality creatives.


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