Broadband deals for Black Friday 2022

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Ahead of this year’s Black Friday, broadband providers have announced a range of discounts and offers. Here is a summary of the latest offers.

Virgo Media

Virgin Media has decided to reduce prices on a selection of its broadband packages.

The provider has slashed prices on its M125 plan – which offers average download speeds of 132Mbps – from £44 a month to £26 a month for 18 months.

Virgon’s M250 tariff is also offered at a discount. The plan has an average download speed of 132Mbps and now costs £30 a month for 28 months, down from the usual £50.

Finally, Virgin Media’s M350 service has been reduced from £56 to £34 a month and offers average download speeds of 362Mbps.

These offers are only available if you live in an area served by Virgin Media’s cable broadband infrastructure.


Sky is slashing prices on three broadband and TV packages for the week ending November 28. Deals start at £23 per month.

The Superfast 35 plan, which offers average download speeds of 36Mbps and pay-as-you-talk calls, now costs £23 a month – less than £28 a month.

The Superfast plan offers average download speeds of 145Mbps and is offered for £25 per month, while it normally costs £35.50 per month.

Finally, Sky’s Ultrafast plan has dropped from £40 a month to £30 a month, with average download speeds of 145Mbps.

All offers are for 18 month contracts and customers have to pay a £19.95 setup fee.


BT is halving the price of some plans for six months.

The 24-month Fiber Essential package currently costs £14.9 for the first six months, after which it resets to £28.99 per month for the remaining 18 months of the contract. This deal offers average download speeds of 36Mbps

BT’s Fiber 1 package – whose providers offer average download speeds of 50Mbps – costs £14.99 a month for the first six months. From the seventh month the price is £29.99 per month.

Elsewhere, the Full Fiber 100 plan offers average download speeds of 150Mbps and comes with a half-price fee for the first six months. New customers also get a free Mastercard rewards card pre-loaded with £50 which can be spent online anywhere.


Plusnet throws its hat in the ring with three Black Friday deals.

The Full Fiber 74 plan is reduced from £30 a month to £23.99 a month – but customers will need to take out a 24-month contract.

Plusnet’s Full Fiber 145 deal is now £27.99 a month, down from £35 a month. This deal also binds customers for 24 months.

Finally, the provider’s half-gig full Fiber 500 plan is currently being reduced from £47 per month to £37.99 per month.


NOW is cutting prices on a selection of its broadband plans.

The basic Brilliant Broadband plan, which offers download speeds of 11Mbps, now costs £18 a month from £25 a month. The subscription lasts 12 months and comes with an upfront payment of £5.

Meanwhile, NOW’s Fab Fiber plan costs £20 a month, down from £32 a month. The deal offers average download speeds of 36Mbps, a £5 upfront fee and locks customers in for 12 months.

NOW’s Super Fiber is now £20 a month instead of £35 a month. The tariff also includes a 12-month contract and offers average download speeds of 63 Mbit/s.

What is Black Friday 2022?

While the concept originated in America, Black Friday has become an annual mainstay for many British businesses.

Black Friday – the last Friday in November – unofficially marks the start of the holiday shopping season, just after American Thanksgiving.

The idea has probably been around since the 1950s. It originally described the boom in shopping traffic and workers’ sick calls after Thanksgiving.

A more accepted – albeit unofficial – explanation holds that Black Friday is the day of the year when loss-making retailers start turning a profit. In other words, they move from “red” to “black.”

Whatever the origin of Black Friday, retailers have stuck to the day to offer attention-grabbing deals and discounts.

More recently, the Monday after Black Friday has been dubbed “Cyber ​​Monday”, the UK’s busiest day of the year for online shopping.


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