Caitlin Cronenberg wraps up filming on directorial debut Humane

Human, an environmental thriller, is the directorial debut of Caitlin Cronenberg, who recently wrapped four weeks of filming in Hamilton, Ontario. The film was written and produced by Michael Sparaga of Victory Man Productions. It will take place in a single day, months after a global environmental collapse forced world leaders to take extreme measures to reduce the world’s population.

“From the first read, I was breathless at the all-too-possible dystopian world of Michael’s script, and I knew right away that I had to be the one making this film,” Cronenberg said.

Here’s a synopsis of the plot, courtesy of Deadline:

“In a wealthy enclave, a recently retired journalist takes his four grown children over for dinner to announce his intention to join the country’s new euthanasia program.

The film’s cast includes Jay Baruchel, who previously starred alongside several other celebrities in This Is the End, Emily Hampshire Schott’s CreekPeter Gallagher, who was there Grace and Frankie; Sebastian Chacon out EmergencyAlanna Bale you can find Type of and cardinaland Sirena Gulamgaus transplantation.


“Every single day on set felt like a gift and I feel truly blessed to have worked with such remarkable talent, both in front of and behind the camera. I can’t wait to share this film with the world,” Cronenberg said.

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Cronenberg is the daughter of the famous director David Cronenberg, whose work includes among others scanner, The fly, dead wrestlersand A history of violence. Her brother Brandon Cronenberg is also a director whose feature films include antiviral, Ownerand the coming infinity pool.

Previously, Caitlin Cronenberg has made music videos and short films such as The death of David Cronenberga short film using a prosthetic corpse of her father from his time Slasher: flesh and blood, the fourth season of the anthology series. Although she has mainly focused on photography and art. It was Cronenberg’s work as a visual artist that convinced Sparaga that she was the perfect fit Human.

“Her keen eye for detail, rich compositions, and ability to convey deep emotion made her my first and only choice to direct Human. Saying yes to making this film her feature film debut is nothing short of a dream come true,” said Sparaga.

Caitlin Cronenberg isn’t the only crew member with a connection to the elder Cronenberg. Doug Koch, the cameraman crimes of the future (2022), will also hold the same position Human. After doing the same for crimes of the future and A history of violenceCasting Director is Dierdre Bowen. Brian Garvey, the production designer, was art director on an episode of slashernot during Cronenberg’s season, though.

The film is executive produced by Prospero Pictures’ Martin Katz and Karen Wookey, XYZ Films’ Todd Brown and Nick Spicer, and Elevation’s Adrian Love and Laurie May. Hanna Puley will be the costume designer, while Noah Segal will serve as executive producer.

“In the Human, screenwriter and producer Michael Sparaga has created an original story that is both tragically dark and hilariously funny. Caitlin’s masterful eye turns this torn family into a violent wreck you can’t look away from for a moment,” said Katz.


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