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Download New Update for State Mobile v0.9.42 : View Apk Download Link for Latest Update – Krafton rolled out a brand new update…

Download State Mobile v0.9.42 New Update: Check Apk Download Link for Latest Update – Krafton has rolled out a brand new update for New State Mobile. The update brought new features, modes and changes in Battle Royale mode. The v0.9.42 update also introduces a new mode called Shooting Gallary to the game. The new State Mobile v0.9.42 update brings rule changes in the early stages of Battle Royale. Check out New State Mobile Latest Apk Download Link. For future updates on New State Mobile, follow InsideSport.IN

Rule changes in the early stages of Battle Royale

New Update for State Mobile v0.9.42: Krafton introduces a new Shooting Gallery mode and more content
Download new update for State Mobile v0.9.42

Here is the download link for New State Mobile v0.9.42 update download.

  • Click here to download the game apk download.

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New State Mobile v0.9.42 Update Download: Check the Apk Download link for the latest update


    • SHOOTING GALLERY mode is a new feature of TRAINING MODE. You have to hit as many targets as possible within a given time to earn points.
    • There are a total of 3 rounds in SHOOTING GALLERY mode and you have 1 minute each round.
      • Each round features different rule sets and target spawn patterns.
      • Get combos when eliminating another target within 2 seconds of killing a target and get bonus points.
    • You can enter game mode after selecting a weapon in the lobby.
    • The ranking of players is determined by the highest score they achieve.
      • Rewards will be given based on your placement in SHOOTING GALLERY mode once the season is over.

New weapon/customization

  • New weapon: SL8
    • Added the SL8, a new DMR that uses 5.56mm ammo.
    • The SL8 has great stability and damage performance.
    • You can attach parts to the muzzle, scope, magazine, and storage compartments
  • SL8 [C1] Customization – Muffler Barrel
    • Added a Suppressor Barrel, SL8’s C1 Adaptation.
    • The silencer barrel adds the following changes to the weapon:
      • + Increased damage
      • + Noise Reduction
      • – Reduced recoil control
      • – Muzzle slot not available

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