Christmas Horror Movies Arrive Just in Time for the Holidays (2022)

Christmas is usually the time of year for joy and good tidings, celebrations and determinations associated with the season. Seasonal movies have been a holiday staple for over a century. The first Christmas film has been shown to have premiered in 1898 with the appropriate title Santa Claus. Since that first Christmas film, the long tradition of heartwarming cinema has continued. Things don’t always stay so pretty, however, and over time some fans seemed to prefer a little naughty or gory entertainment to complement their festive celebrations.

The first horror Christmas film was released in 1971, Whoever killed Aunt Roo was released in the UK. The United States would follow with their first Christmas horror film Silent night, bloody night (1972). But as noted in The Hollywood Reporter, it wasn’t until 1974 that viewers became more open to the idea that such content would make an excellent addition to their vacation bucket list. As further noted, “Black Christmas offered something audiences had never seen before, including a shocking ending that could still be followed today.”


Over the years, interest in holiday horror has waxed and waned. Many fans of the unhappy alternatives have found such films here and there. But this year, a pretty bloody Christmas is developing. And with plenty of nightmarish horror movies premiering this season, here’s a little bit of what fans can expect.

Curse of Jack Frost (Nov. 1)

Curse of Jack Frost
Jagged Edge Productions

One of the most famous characters in the Christmas story is Jack Frost. Those familiar with the legend of Frost know he was never a nice guy. That’s no surprise. He took this portrayal seriously. Frost is said to be from Norse mythology, descended from the Norse character Jokul Frosti. However, his wickedness has only sometimes been translated that way in US films.

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In many films, Frost is portrayed as more of a trickster with mischievous designs. You only have to look at examples such as Rise of the Guardians or Santa Claus. Viewers are in for something a lot crazier this year, though Curse of Jack Frost. Frost is a bit of a demon in this holiday sale, and he’s on a mission. As noted in the synopsis, this Christmas Jack will stop at nothing to exact revenge on those left in the bloodline. For those wanting to see exactly how this is shaping up, this film was an early holiday deal and began streaming on VOD on November 1st.

Violent Night (Dec. 2)

Violent Night (2022)
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If a murderous robotic Santa isn’t quite as appealing, then maybe a vengeful Ji-Jitsu-loving Santa starring David Harbour. and violent night will be the perfect holiday treat. in the violent night Santa Claus has an ax to sharpen. He wants to deliver more than cash to a bunch of thieves who are jeopardizing a family’s Christmas celebration. So it will be anything but a silent night. And moviegoers will see how annoying Santa Claus is when people are too naughty.

However, in contrast christmas bloody christmas, violent night will premiere in cinemas. So if you don’t want to miss the blood festival, December 2nd is the date to remember.

Christmas Bloody Christmas (9 Dec)

Christmas Bloody Christmas Robot Santa
RLJE films

Santa Claus, Papa Noel or Kris Kringle as some like to call him, is the central figure of Christmas. There aren’t many holiday stories that don’t feature his caricature in some form. Some fan favorites have been over the years Santa Claus with Tim Allen, Miracles on 34th Street, or Bad Santa (Billy Bob Thornton) for the rough crowd. But this year, viewers will see Santa as an animatronic killing machine, as he’s rarely been captured on film reels.

In CChristmas Bloody Christmas, things go pretty wrong. This Santa Claus has much more in mind than just posing as decorations for mall visitors. And he’s not brought to life with Christmas magic to deliver presents. Instead, he’s a naughty Claus who picks his way through his victims. For those craving a not-so-fun kringle, this film will premiere on December 9th, 2022 on Shudder.

The Common (Dec. 15)

The mean
XYZ Movies

Another holiday favorite is the Grinch. dr Seuss made the character famous in his iconic book How the Grinch Stole Christmas released October 12, 1957. In 1966, Seuss’ character received the Hollywood treatment with the reimagining of his work as an animated feature. The cartoon version of Seuss’ work was released on December 18, 1966 and remains a seasonal favorite. In 2000, The Favorite was made into a major motion picture, starring Jim Carey as the Grinch.

Though the Grinch is a bit spicy, the depth of his meanness has never been fully explored. That should change with the upcoming adaptation with the title The mean. This will be the fourth revision of the piece. According to Collider, this one differs from the others in more ways than one. This film will differ primarily in that it is an “unauthorized parody of the work.” Due to the lack of appropriate permissions, as in Winnie-ThePu: blood and honey, the creative team has made it its mission to proceed cautiously.

One way the film will turn is with the main character. While audiences will recognize him as the Grinch in the film, he is not called that. He’s instead “The Mean One,” a truly evil character turned slasher. Here’s another interesting fact: David Howard Thornton made Art the Clown more terrible so monstrous is none other than “The Mean One” in this vacation strip.

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The reported premiere date is December 15th. However, news has yet to be released on which platform it will be streamed on. But that’s even more reason to be careful.

Mistletoe Massacre (Dec. 23)

Mistletoe Massacre (2022)
Starpond Movies

Not only figures belong to Christmas. Christmas trees, chestnuts, holly, silverbells and mistletoe also serve as seasonal accessories. And this holiday season, director Shawn C. Phillips and Lauren Francesca will be bringing a bit of festive horror to the film Mistletoe Massacre.

Mistletoe Massacre slightly different from the other offers. This feature has something more to offer its viewers than darkness. This horror comedy focuses on a less than happy ending to an office Christmas party. And if things turn out to be as chilling as the synopsis states, “struggling staffers have been invited to the party, but no one will be returning home for the holidays.” It’s going to be quite a clock. And if that sounds like something to get you in the mood. Mistletoe Massacre is scheduled to premiere on December 23, 2022.

2022 is shaping up to be a Christmas season like no other. Of course, this is mainly for those who like a pinch of excruciating sass with cinnamon-laced nog and roasted chestnuts.


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