CHTF 2022 shows future-proof technologies in Shenzhen and online

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE). Innovations in IT, high-end medical devices, new energies, aerospace.

This year’s CHTF is expected to gather over 8,000 innovative items from over 5,000 exhibitors from nearly 40 countries and regions. Various overseas delegations showcased international cutting-edge technologies and major cooperation and exchange programs, including Canva, a graphic design APP developed by a super unicorn of the Australian delegation; a SoC for dynamic visual intelligence of the Swiss delegation; a bioHUB cloud platform by the Brazilian delegation; and programs for sustainable innovation and digital development, as well as successful investment examples from the Belgian pavilion.

On the national side, the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology alone brought 250 items to this year’s CHTF, including a rapid imaging technology, a flexible tactile sensor based on a six-dimensional force, and a wearable system for improving brain function.

Technologies designed for smarter living have attracted particular interest in the exhibition hall, including parking lot inspection robots, translation headsets and ultra-thin transparent holographic screens. For example, a two-armed, hand-brewed coffee robot drew a large crowd when it demonstrated how to use its two-armed collaboration and high-precision algorithms to brew a barista-grade cup of hand-brewed coffee.

Meanwhile, speakers at the China Hi-tech Forum held on November 15-17 discussed topics such as the future of industry, digital twins and future transportation. Mr. Yu Feng, President of Honeywell China, shared his insights on the relationship between intelligent manufacturing and sustainable development, while Mr. Xue Wei, President of Fujitsu (China) Information Systems Co., Ltd., explained how Fujitsu harnessed digital innovation to support sustainable development to promote.

To ensure online visitors from all over the world enjoy an immersive experience, CHTF has upgraded its online exhibition system to integrate cutting-edge technologies such as 5G+ Ultra HD video and VR, allowing visitors to freely view exhibitions, trade projects and cloud forums live can browse streaming and playback, international exhibitions and thematic tour highlights, and long-distance communication with exhibitors. Please visit:


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