Commerce Layer, Frequency and Khoros are among the winners of the 2022 Digiday Technology Awards

The winners of the 2022 Digiday Technology Awards showcased how companies are diving headfirst into new technologies and adapting to the demands of the digital media industry. This year, e-commerce, sustainability and influencer marketing emerged as the themes most commonly seen among attendees and subsequent winners.

For example, Commerce Layer is one of the judges’ favorites and won Best Ecommerce Technology for its API-first checkout solution. A composable solution, Commerce Layer helps brands enter new markets and digital channels without tearing down and rebuilding their existing e-commerce infrastructures. Chilly’s, a fast-growing manufacturer of reusable beverage containers and accessories, has transformed its e-commerce site with Commerce Layer and expanded from five to 36 international markets. After moving to Commerce Layer, Chilly’s saw a 41% decrease in checkout abandonments, a 24% increase in mobile count, and an 18% increase in overall conversions.

In the Best Sales Automation Tools & Platform category, Frequence received the award for its work in helping media companies automate and grow their local advertising. Frequence’s end-to-end solutions equip customers with the tools needed to create personalized multichannel media offerings with campaign insights, as well as launch, manage and optimize omnichannel campaigns. Using Frequence’s SmartProposal ad technology solution, a media company tripled its omnichannel revenue and empowered its team to deploy its tactics with confidence, knowing its offers were getting the maximum reach based on industry-specific data.

Khoros received a win in the Best Social Analytics Platform category for how it enables global enterprise brands to create human connections with customers across multiple digital touchpoints. The customer engagement platform empowers brands to understand their customers’ needs and wants and quickly resolve customer disputes. HR services company Randstad worked with Khoros to reach new audiences, including Gen Z users who are starting their careers, via TikTok strategies. After partnering with Khoros, Randstad saw a positive increase in content and campaign performance as more metrics were accessible through business-context dashboards on TikTok and other social channels.

Discover all of the 2022 Digiday Technology Awards winners below – including a brief overview of the programs and insights into why they won and what marketing teams can learn from them.

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Full DTA winner list below:

Best Affiliate Marketing Platform

  • Rakuten Advertising – building a brand-to-brand partnership with MAC & Afterpay

Best mapping tool

Best programmatic buy-side platform

Best Connected TV/Streaming Video Management Platform

  • How the Detroit Lions monetized the NFL Draft with Tagboard’s cloud production platform

Best Content Management System

Best Content Marketing Platform

  • Contentgine & Quarry – Drive smarter campaigns and ROI

Best cookieless identification technology

Best CRM Platform

Best customer data platform

Best data line

  • CI&T’s Claudia Yuri Katagi
  • distillery

Best data management platform

  • adstra
  • Audigent’s next-gen DMP achieves a 14.7x ROAS for LAGOS

Best Data Team

Best digital/social video management platform

Best Ecommerce Technology

  • Commerce Layer – Helps Chilly’s scale internationally

Best event platform

  • ON24 delivers immersive, in-person digital experiences to make webinars ZS’ premier source of leads

Best in-store technology

Best Influencer Marketing Platform

Best platform for location data

Best Marketing Analytics Platform

  • Known x ONLY egg
  • Lasso – Omnichannel campaign measurement for healthcare

Best Marketing Automation Platform

Best measurement solution

  • Nano Interactive & Superbet

Best Mobile Marketing Platform

Best monetization platform for publishers

Best native advertising platform

  • AdAdapted boosts Hydrant’s sales speed with a mobile campaign

Best Partner Cleanroom

  • Epsilon — Epsilon PeopleCloud prospect

Best personalization and A/B testing platform

Best sales automation tools and platform

Best sell-side programmatic platform

Best login technology

  • LastPass offers seamless, secure, and now password-free sign-in

Best Social Analytics Platform

  • Khoros for social media management

Best Social Marketing Platform

  • Tiger Pistol and great clips drive more effective engagement and visits for franchisees through localized social media

Best Subscription Platform

Best sustainable ad tech platform

  • Sharethrough & Scope3 – Introducing green PMPs

Best Video Ad Server

Commerce Layer, Frequence and Khoros are among the 2022 Digiday Technology Awards winners


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