Domo’s world cup tracker has everything you need to know

Are you willing to go deep, far and bizarre when it comes to your World Cup knowledge?

Utah business intelligence innovator Domo has brought you a new and free-to-use World Cup tracker that brings together a mountain of data from every World Cup since it debuted in 1930, as well as updates from this year’s 22 world tournament in Qatar.

A few fun excerpts from the data:

  • In 21 World Cups, only 8 different countries have won the tournament.
  • Javier Mascherano has the most yellow cards (7) of any player at the World Cup.
  • Brazil has had both the most World Cup wins (5) and most matches won (73) since 1930. Interestingly, Italy are second with four World Cup wins and third with match wins, but didn’t really qualify for the tournament this year.

Fans can sort data by teams, fixtures, player stats, leagues and more. Digging into the details is easy, thanks to an intuitive, dashboard-driven interface that also includes a “Ask Me Anything” portal that uses a natural language processor to connect you to the latest WM esotericism.


A screenshot of Domo’s World Cup tracker. Easy to use and free, the dashboard-driven database keeps you informed of all 21 previous tournaments as well as the latest stats from the Qatar Championships 2022.

Ben Schein, a guy in the running for the title of coolest tech company in the world as Domo’s VP of Data Curiosity, said building the tracker was an exercise in creating an engaging and effective tool for football fans. But he added that the underlying goal is to celebrate and highlight Domo’s expertise in making data accessible and unlocking its value through efficient and effective user tools.

“The tracker is fun and useful…and it also makes the data easy to understand,” said Schein. “What we learn from these projects on our altruistic side is that we have something really powerful to share when it comes to showcasing our mission, making data usable for everyone, and having real-life examples to converse with.” .”

According to Schein, the World Cup tracker was put together by a small team of Domo engineers in a matter of weeks and leverages a large amount of publicly available data, which is “scraped” from the internet and then “sanitized” to ensure accuracy and usability. In addition to a wealth of historical data from the first 21 World Cup tournaments, the tracker also keeps the latest statistics from this year’s event up to date.

Domo’s World Cup Tracker is the latest in a series of live dashboard projects the company has been developing over the past few years, including a Covid tracker, the 2020 election dashboard, a baby formula finder set amidst pandemic-related shortages to help families find available supplies and an inflation tracker that includes data from 1998 to the present.

And the project that really started it all is Domo’s well-known Data Never Sleeps infographic, now in its 10th year, capturing the meteoric rise of Internet information traffic, analyzed from all its various sources.

The latest issue of Data Never Sleeps, published in September, details how the frequency of digital connections has skyrocketed over the past decade. According to data collected by Domo, Instagram users grew from 3,600 photos per minute to nearly 66,000 today, a 1,700% increase from 2013; Zoom users log 104,000 hours; Tinder users swiped 1.1 million times, up 164% from 2014; and smartphone owners today send three times as many text messages, namely 16 million per minute per day, as in 2016.

“Over the years, Data Never Sleeps has consistently demonstrated how people are rapidly adapting to and using the ever-changing world of digital platforms, apps and tools to solve problems, navigate economic and political events and find community” , Domo CEO John Mellor said in a statement in September. “Every click, post, swipe and share contributes to the massive amount of data being created, and it’s no secret that this acceleration of data isn’t slowing down.”

Visit the company’s Domo on Data blog at to see Domo’s full range of live dashboard projects, as well as a series of posts with data-driven insights on a variety of hot topics. blog/category/domo-on-data/.


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