Doom Patrol Season 4 trailer teases a time travel adventure for the team

Doom Patrol fans only have weeks to wait until the season 4 premiere of the HBO Max series, and the new trailer promises plenty of action.

It took quite a long time Doom Patrol Fans are getting their first look at Season 4 of the DC series, but HBO has finally released the trailer for part one of the new season. With the first episodes airing December 8 on HBO Max, fans have been patiently waiting for what’s to come for the superpowered group, including Brendan Fraser’s Robot Man, Jovian Wade’s Cyborg, and Matt Boomer’s Negative Man.

The trailer sees the Doom Patrol being warned of a new threat in the form of Immortus. This leads to Madame Rogue (Michelle Gomez) talking about the Immortus Project, which she believes is the pursuit of immortality. It is then proposed to link the project to the youthful Elasti woman. Fans will then get a quick glimpse into the time travel adventure set in motion for the Doom Patrol, which will be another popular part of the show for its many fans. The summary of the season reads:


“In the forthcoming fourth season, the team unexpectedly travels to the future to find an unwelcome surprise. With their impending doom in sight, the Doom Patrol must decide once and for all which is more important: their own happiness or the fate of the world?”

Doom Patrol is a rare thing given it’s a DC series that has managed not to get canceled in the past few months. The series, which originally debuted on the DC Universe streaming platform, grew out of the character’s appearance on the HBO Max series Titans. Since then, the show has proven to be one of the most consistently acclaimed DC projects on Rotten Tomatoes. After Season 3 achieved a perfect 100% approval rating, the new season has some big expectations to live up to.

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Will Doom Patrol get cancelled?

Doom Patrol cast
Warner Bros.

The WBD shake caused many fans to worry about the possibility Doom Patrol Joining the many DC series that have been canceled at HBO Max and The CW. Early reports commented that the show, and TitansThey were “allegedly on the chopping block”.

While Season 4 is certainly happening, the future of the series could be up for debate. You would have to think so if Doom Patrol continues to garner positive reviews and maintains a decent viewership, there will be another greenlit season. However, it’s hard to take anything for granted when it’s only been a few months since Batgirl was unceremoniously scrapped and many other DC shows and films have been biting the dust.

One thing that works Doom Patrol Advantage is that it doesn’t sit in the larger DCU; So regardless of any plans James Gunn and Peter Safran have cooking up, Safran sits in that department as well. As a series that was probably one of the underdogs of all DC production at Warner Bros. Discovery, it’s quite an achievement for the show to have made it into its fourth season.


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