FIFA World Cup 2022: why does Spain’s national anthem have no lyrics? Here’s everything you need to know

Audiences around the world eagerly awaited the performance of “Red Fury”. But one thing that caught everyone’s interest is the no-lyrics anthem.

The Spanish national anthem, known as Marcha Real, is one of the oldest composed national songs. But that’s not why it’s so exceptional – it’s just one of the four countries that has a musical national anthem with no lyrics.

It was first published in 1761 in a text written by Manuel de Espinosa de Los Monteros. During the reign of Isobel II in 1874, “La Marcha Granadera” (The Grenadier March) was first adopted as the official Spanish national anthem.

Although there are no official texts, words have been written and used in the past. During the reign of Alfonso XIII (1886-1931), a three-lyric version created by Eduardo Marquina entitled “Flag of Spain”, “Spain Guiding” and “Long live Spain!” was used.

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Another set of lyrics was composed during the Franco state, but none were ever made official. Since 1978, the national anthem has been performed without words, since those approved by General Franco were eventually abandoned.

The most famous attempt to add words to the Spanish anthem was when the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) held a competition in 2007 to design the anthem’s lyrics. But it was loudly rejected.


  1. Which 3 countries have no lyrics in their national song?
    Bosnia and HerzegovinaSan Marino Kosovo
  2. Who is the captain of the Spanish team?
    Sergio Busquets Burgos

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