FIFA World Cup Meme captures one of Hollywood’s biggest clichés

The 2022 FIFA The World Cup started last Sunday in Qatar. With billions of football fans around the world tuning in, some great memes are bound to pop up, including one that poke fun at one of Hollywood’s most derided movie fondnesses.

The so-called “Mexican filter” is a staple in American movies and television, so it’s no wonder sports fans are familiar with its weary use on countless occasions, including absolute masterpieces like breaking Bad and Better call Saul, where it is often used to set the tone in scenes south of the border. Of course, the oversaturated yellow filter is also common for stories set in the Middle East, and for that matter, any Arab, Muslim, or Southeast Asian country. However, the FIFA group stage match between Mexico and Poland opened the doors to poking fun at another common theme.


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In this case, the meme account notes My Uncle’s Meme Stash (@myunclesmemes) posted an image on Twitter sharing a shot of the opening ceremony in Mexico-Poland. Half of the image uses the yellowish “Mexican filter”, while the Polish side is rendered with a dull gray tone so common to virtually anything set east of Germany. Suffice it to say that anyone who has seen a film about World War II, the Holocaust or the Cold War can recognize this aesthetic, used in so many cases to add a somber and hopeless atmosphere.

Everyone who saw it narcotics or more blatant culprits like Netflix’s extraction will remind you of those oh-so-yellow vibes. Meanwhile, the muted Polish colors even evoke memories of certain parts Inglourious Basterds, proving that even the likes of Quentin Tarantino are not above the practice. The encounter between Mexico and Poland ended in a 0-0 draw, an absolute blasphemy in the manager’s eyes Teddy Lassoresulting in the first goalless game in Qatar 2022.

Both sides are now tied for second place in a Group C which also included Lionel Messi’s Argentina who suffered the shock of their lives with a 2-1 defeat by Saudi Arabia, making this already one of the most interesting streaks of the World Cup. Despite numerous controversies surrounding host Qatar, this World Cup is expected to attract over 5 billion viewers and the like Teddy LassoRyan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney might have something to do with it since their Welcome to Wrexham Docuseries was a hit in the United States.

Ironically, McElhenney’s beloved USA drew 1-1 with Wales, where Wrexham plays the two actors, and Reynolds’ Canadian team were unlucky to lose 1-0 to Belgium despite a great performance. Luckily, anyone annoyed by these results can jump on them FIFA 23‘s World Cup mode and try to change the luck of their favorite team.

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Source: @myunclesmemes | Twitter


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