Football Manager 2023: How to Apply Custom Skins

As any avid PC gamer will tell you, one of the best parts of playing on the system is the customization options available in games, including the user interface. Football manager 2023, like previous editions, has a very smooth base skin that most people won’t bat an eyelid at. Sometimes, though, all you need is a little scene change, especially if you’re 100 hours deep in your third other save.

In this article we are distributing instructions to help you apply Football Manager 2023 skins easily. Follow these steps in order and exactly as recommended, otherwise you risk an error that prevents the skin from working in the game.

Download skins

FM 23 skins
FM 23 skins

Well, there’s no better place to really start. Download the skin of your choice from the website of your choice. Preferably we advise you to visit one of the big websites like FMScout and download the popular skins instead of searching the web and downloading risky files.

Extract the file

Extract custom FM skins
Extract custom FM skins

The skins are downloaded in .rar files that need to be unzipped using either WinRAR for Windows users or Unarchiver for Mac users. Once unzipped, right click on the folder and click on the option to extract to a specific folder.

If you’re sure you can navigate folders, you can extract directly into the Football Manager skins folder. However, if you are less computer savvy, extracting to your desktop is the easiest option.

Place in skins folder

FM 23 skins
FM 23 skins

This step can be neglected if you extracted straight to the FM folder, but if you’ve decided on Plan B, this is the most important step. Locate the extracted files on your desktop and right click and then select Cut.

Depending on your computer, you should be able to search for “Skins” in your Football Manager 2023 folder and the correct folder will appear. On the PC you will find the corresponding folders in it documents > sports interactive, where you can also apply custom kits, badges and faces. Click inside the Skins folder (or just press Enter) and right-click to paste the newly downloaded skin into its new home.

Enable in options

Now that you’ve set up the new skin, it’s time to tell Football Manager to use it. Open the game and go to settings from the FM logo at the top right, then Progressive and finally in interface. From there, select the skin you want from the drop-down menu and check the appropriate box Reload skin when committing changes and clear your cache before confirming your choice.

All three steps above must be followed to ensure the game reloads with your new skin, otherwise it may just use the default skin.

If everything goes according to plan, you should be playing with a shiny new UI in your game after following these steps. We also note that custom skins tend to result in a higher rate of so-called “crash dump” errors. This can be unavoidable due to the extra load these custom skins put on the game.

Football Manager 2023 is available now.

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