Free games revealed on the Epic Games Store for December 1st

The Epic Games Store is revealing the free games it is giving away on December 1st while also making a new game free for users to claim.

That Epic game store has confirmed the first free games it will be giving away in December, while it also does Star Wars: Squadrons available to users for free. The Epic Games Store updates its deals every Thursday at 10am CT, and Thanksgiving Day is no exception to the rule. As of 10:00 AM CT, the Epic Games Store has wiped out its previous free games, made a new game free, and revealed what fans can expect from the free games coming next Thursday, December 1st.


Star Wars: Squadrons is the only free game on the Epic Games Store from November 24th through December. A space combat game from developer EA’s Motive Studios, Star Wars: Squadrons Introduced in 2020 as a slightly smaller experience compared to most AAA war of stars Title. It received mostly positive reviews and was generally well received by the community, so it’s certainly one of the more significant Epic Games Store free games to be given away through the service this year.

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Anyone who has downloaded the Epic Games Store Launcher can claim Star Wars: Squadrons now totally free. They have until December 1st to claim the game for their digital library, at which point it will be replaced by Fort Triumph and Roleplay in a boxboth of which will be available from December 1st to 8th.

Free Games on Epic Games Store for December 2022

epic games store free games december 2022

  • Star Wars: Squadrons (November 24 – December 1)
  • Fort Triumph (December 1 – December 8)
  • RPG in a Box (December 1 – December 8)

Fort Triumph is a strategy game inspired by XCOM, but in a medieval fantasy setting. As XCOM before, Fort Triumph uses permadeath to significantly increase the stakes, so players must be careful with every move they make if they want to keep their characters alive. Fort Triumph received mixed reviews from critics upon its release, but strategy game fans looking for a new game might still want to check it out while it’s available for free on the Epic Games Store.

Fort Triumph will join Roleplay in a box in the Epic Games Store free game offering from December 1st to December 8th. Roleplay in a box is a game where players create their own RPG adventures. It’s been well-received by fans, so anyone interested in this type of creative gameplay can look forward to claiming it for free starting next week.

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