Geospatial technology helps fight environmental crime in Brazil

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The size and complexity of Brazilian territory, particularly in the Amazon, has traditionally plagued institutions such as the country’s federal police with challenges in responding effectively to environmental crimes and illegal activities. To improve their operations, these agencies needed a remote-sensing dataset to complement their fieldwork and allow them to take timely action against environmental degradation in the region, such as illegal mining and deforestation, drug trafficking, and unauthorized fires.

Enter: The Brazilian MAIS program. This project is one of the strategic initiatives of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP) and the largest operational remote sensing project in Brazil. It grants all public bodies access to RedeMAIS (Brasil MAIS Program Network), an ecosystem for the exchange of data, information and unique knowledge throughout the national territory, allowing for more precise and effective action. Through this project, authorities can gain access to Planet’s daily satellite imagery and SCCON change detection alerts.

With the implementation of SCCON platform alerts powered by Planet data, the Brazilian Federal Police has made great strides in preventing illegal activity in one of the most remote regions in the world. With this data, they have been able to reduce money laundering and corruption, protect and protect their community, and support federal government decision-making. Today we are happy to share some highlights from the program:

  • Leveraging Planet satellite data and SCCON’s automated change detection, the project has raised over US$1.9 billion / R$9.6 billion from fines, confiscated goods and asset freezes since 2020.
  • Over 3,300 public officials have been mobilized in over 120 joint operations using satellite imagery and data from the project.
  • To date, over 270 institutions and 26,000 users have direct access to the data in one platform, including geoservices, dashboards and reports. This cohesion promotes broad participation and decision-making support within the federal government.

Accessible from anywhere in the country, Brazil’s MAIS program encourages greater collaboration between public agencies aimed at bringing about lasting change in the region. Planet is proud to support this work with our partner in Brazil, SCCON. To read the full report, download our comprehensive case study here.


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