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Standstill is the enemy of progress, they say. You can’t expect to improve at anything if you refuse to learn something new, whether it’s programming, graphic design, marketing, or even skills like cooking or playing a musical instrument. If you want to get better at your craft, the only way to do it is to cultivate discipline in continuous learning.

As the great Henry Ford himself said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether in their twenties or in their eighties.” Keep learning, stay young.” To keep your skills up-to-date and to foster personal and professional growth, it’s important to stay current in your chosen field. Something that might help you on this front is the Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone, which offers lifetime subscriptions to a top-notch language learning app and e-learning platform. And this Black Friday you can have it on sale for the lowest price yet by simply entering code ROSETTA at checkout.

Purchase gives you instant access to StackSkills, a premier online learning platform for learning today’s most in-demand skills on the job market. You will enjoy a pre-selected library of over 1000 courses, with 50 new ones being added monthly. From blockchain to growth hacking to iOS development and marketing, it offers courses that can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re starting a side job, transitioning into another career, or seeking a promotion. Courses are taught by 350 of the web’s best instructors and you’ll receive course certifications upon completion.

You also get access to Rosetta Stone, a language learning solution trusted by leading organizations like NASA, Calvin Klein and TripAdvisor. Its immersive training method will have you speaking a second or third language like a natural in no time. Unlike other language learning apps, it implements award-winning interactive software and proprietary speech recognition technology to analyze your words and uses an advanced speech engine to compare your accent to native speakers. It also helps develop conversational skills that you will actually use in real life, like shopping, ordering and driving a taxi, as well as exchanging opinions and discussing pop culture.

The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle ft. Rosetta Stone will set you back $1,794 any day, but only for one day – November 11th. 25 – You can snag it for $149.99 on sale. When you enter the code ROSETTA at checkout you can get an additional discount and win it for only $126.65.

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