Get the perfect DEEBOT for everyone on your list

If you’re thinking of gifting someone a robot vacuum this holiday, that’s a great idea. Who wouldn’t want a robot to suck up their stray chunks of cereal and sweep the floor so they can hang out with friends?

The hard part about gifting a robot vacuum is choosing the right one – but we’re here to help. You may have heard about it ECOVACS All-in-One DEEBOTs(opens in a new tab), but not all DEEBOTs are created equal. While most feature automatic trash can emptying and a self-cleaning mop, some have an AI voice assistant, built-in camera, and even air fresheners. Check out this roundup of deals and really start cleaning up when it comes to nailing your vacation list this year.

For fathers with an affinity for design

This nifty vacuum cleaner robot mop combo looks super techy and is a must-have for dads with high expectations. The OMNI station offers self-cleaning, drying and automatic water refilling, making this truly hands-free. In addition to top-notch features like the YIKO voice assistant and AI-powered obstacle avoidance, it’s a smart choice for large families as it makes any floor clean enough for baby to crawl on.

For outdoor types

If you know someone who hits the trail every chance they get, this powerful hybrid is for them. Enjoy the convenience of a self-maintaining robot vacuum that automatically refills water so it’s ready for its next mopping job and can clean itself. In addition to 5,000 Pa sucking up every last speck of dirt and grit, the all-new OZMO Turbo Wiping System kills when it comes to removing dried mud and other things it drags in.

For fur baby parents

If your buddy’s always got fur on his pants, give him a solid treat and gift him this suction cup and mop combo. The ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 PLUS comes with an air freshener to keep your home smelling clean. The powerful 5,000Pa removes all those pesky dander, the turbo mop cleans muddy paw prints and a built-in camera with voice communication lets you monitor your pup – and tell them to get off the sofa.

For busy couples

This vacuum and mop hybrid is perfect for couples fighting over whose turn it is to clean. The auto drain station is super compact, a bonus for small spaces, and the oscillating mopping system gets hard floors clean and smooth for couples yoga. The built-in air freshener is also a nice touch.

For uncomplicated mothers

Not only is this hybrid adept at vacuuming and mopping, but she also empties her own trash can, who wouldn’t want that as a mom? Its 2,300 Pa suction power and OZMO rotary mopping system give it clean floors that mums recommend, and it’s smart home compatible so she can tell it what to do.

For your partner on the go

If you’re hesitant to take off your sneakers at your partner’s, this suction and wipe hybrid is a game changer. Its 2,300Pa suction power and compact design make it a great entry-level robot vacuum for small spaces, and the total hands-free cleaning setup ensures shiny floors with no effort.


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