Global Commercial Drones Market Report 2022: Advances in Remote Sensing and Surveillance Technologies, Such as: B. automatic dependent monitoring broadcast technology, drive the growth

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Added the Global Commercial Drones Market Size, Segments, Outlook, and Revenue Forecast 2022-2028 by Type, Mode, Applications and Region report Offer.

Drones, commonly referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems, are gliders that can be piloted manually or autonomously through software-driven flight plans in their embedded systems, linked to on-board sensors and a navigation system (GPS).

They are used in various sectors including inspection, monitoring and management, surveying and aerial mapping, construction, photography and videography. The commercial use of drone mainly offers many advantages to the operators, such as: B. increased work efficiency and productivity, a reduction in labor and production costs, and an improvement in accuracy and precision.

According to this analysis, the global commercial drone market was valued at ~$5 billion in 2017, is estimated at ~$12 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 15% from 2022 to 2028 Market size of approximately US$30 billion in 2028. The increasing ability of commercial drones to collect high-resolution imagery and perform aerial photography has led to their popularity.

The advancement of remote sensing and surveillance technologies such as ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) is driving the demand for commercial drones.

Favorable government policies on the use of drones in a number of industries, especially in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, are also accelerating the growth of the global commercial drone market.

Higher costs associated with drones and farmers’ lack of awareness of agricultural technologies are the challenges for commercial drone market growth.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic initially disrupted the supply side of commercial drones, but demand later increased significantly due to labor shortages in the countries.

scope of the report

The global commercial drone market is segmented by type, operation mode, and application. In addition, the report also covers the market size and forecasts for the four major regions’ growing markets. The revenue used to size and forecast the market for each segment is in the billions of dollars.

By type

By operating mode

  • remote controlled

  • semi-autonomous

  • Autonomous

through application

  • Mapping & Surveying

  • precision farming

  • Filming & Photographing

  • Inspection & Maintenance

  • Other

According to geography

  • North America

  • United States of America

  • Canada

  • Mexico

  • Europe

  • France

  • Italy

  • Germany

  • Spain

  • United Kingdom

  • rest of Europe

  • Asia Pacific

  • China

  • India

  • Japan

  • South Korea

  • Australia Rest of Asia Pacific


  • Latin America

  • middle East

  • Africa

key figures

  • Aerovironment Inc.

  • SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Parrot S.A

  • AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc

  • Institute Inc.

  • Yuneec International CO. ltd

  • Autel robotics

  • Delair

  • Ehang Holdings Limited

  • airtronics

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2. Market overview and key growth trends

3. Global – Market Segmentation by Type, Historical Growth, Outlook, and Forecasts

4. Global – Market Segmentation by Operation Mode, Historical Growth, Outlook, and Forecasts

5. Global – Market Segmentation by Application, Historical Growth, Outlook and Forecast

6. Industry/Competition Analysis – Competitive Landscape

7. Key Competitor Profiles (company overview, product offerings, strengths and weaknesses of key competitors)

8. Geographical analysis and historical growth, outlook and forecasts of the major countries market

9. Opinions/perspectives from industry experts

10. Analyst Recommendation

11. Appendix

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