Gut reactions highlights from defeating Jackson State

Michigan basketball scored a win over Jackson State on Wednesday night. Here’s a look at some highlights and our gut reactions after a 78-68 win.

For at least half or most of one, it seemed like Michigan basketball might have another fight ahead.

The Wolverines led by just a point in the first half as Michigan basketball finally put together a run in the first half, a run topped with a step-back 3 pointer from Jett Howard to lead by the half-time lead 10 to increase.

Jackson State was still hanging around in the second half, but the lead was quickly extended to 18 points after two 3-pointers by Joey Baker.

Jett Howard also hit a few Treys in the second half as Michigan extended the lead to 21 points at one point.

However, Michigan got a little sloppy in the closing minutes and didn’t have much of a stretch either offensively or defensively to finish it off when the Wolverines took their foot off the gas.

UM grabbed some free throws in the last minute and won, but much like the Wolverines’ 5-1 start, it left a lot to be desired and this seemed a lot harder than it needed to be.

Jett led Michigan by 19 points. Terrance Williams added 11 and Kobe Bufkin had 10. No one else hit double digits.

There were of course some positive things and a win is a win. But Michigan still isn’t playing its best basketball, and here are the gut reactions.

Gut reactions to Michigan’s basketball win over Jackson State

  • Jaelin Llewellyn keeps fighting. Teams challenge him to shoot and he went 1-for-6. He had four assists, but also three turnovers and only one field goal.
  • It was overwhelming how difficult it was to get Hunter Dickinson on the ball. He attempted just six shots and scored nine points.
  • Dickinson blocked four shots and played a solid defense. Michigan Basketball blocked a total of 13 shots, which I wasn’t expecting. It feels like an anomaly.
  • This offense looks better when Dug McDaniel is on the ground.
  • Kobe Bufkin was better and the two threes were good to see, but he was spinning the ball too much and making too many inconsistent stretches.
  • Terrance Williams had to make too many shots (4-for-11).
  • The defense was better, allowing 37 percent from the field and 27 from three.
  • The end of the game was really ugly.
  • Michigan is hard to beat when Joey Baker and Jett Howard hit 3s.
  • However, other guys have to fire shots.
  • Two straight buy games that were more competitive than they should be, and Michigan didn’t even come close to covering the spread on either.
  • It’s hard to go to Virginia with confidence. This team needs to wake up.
  • Go blue!


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