Here’s what you missed at this year’s Business of Cannabis: New York

The New York cannabis space has been quite busy this month. For starters, the state Bureau of Cannabis Management has announced the first 36 retail licenses.

This long-awaited announcement follows the second annual Business of Cannabis: New York conference, which brought together industry leaders from near and far to exchange ideas, collaborate, and share ways we can improve the New York cannabis scene.

Over 400 attendees attended this year’s successful Business of Cannabis event on November 3rd.

Powered by Prohibition Partners, Business of Cannabis was founded in 2017 with a mission to empower entrepreneurs, consumers, Retailers and industry leaders across North America to find solutions that ensure the New York cannabis market is thriving in every way.

The cannabis industry platform specializes in bringing together elements of the sector including:

  • news
  • Video
  • podcast
  • Newsletter
  • online events
  • Real world events

Business of Cannabis has become the number one place to showcase cannabis companies, brands, leaders and trends that are driving our unique industry forward.

Held at the New York Academy of Medicine, the event saw movers and shakers discuss how the industry has changed over the past year and the opportunities that are emerging.

Everyone from Crystal Peoples-Stokes (NYS Assembly Majority Leader) to Tremaine Wright (Chair of the New York Cannabis Control Board) gave their two cents, providing practical solutions and insights to improve New York’s cannabis space.

Is it a coincidence that the NYS Office of Cannabis Management finally announced the first 36 retail cannabis licenses about two weeks after the event? Possibly, but one thing is for sure, Business of Cannabis events are an integral part of our modern industry, bringing like-minded people together and inspiring positive change.

It’s not every day that powerful and influential people in the cannabis industry gather in the same room to share ideas and discuss ways to improve the sector. Whether you are a consumer, retailer, intern or CEO, anyone in the cannabis space can benefit from the insightful and insightful information provided at Business of Cannabis events.

It’s never too early to snag your tickets for next year! The 2023 Business of Cannabis: New York conference will be held on October 4th at the New York Academy of Medicine, 1216 5th Ave, New York.

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