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OSLO, Norway, November 17, 2022

Players can claim Hero’s Hour, a strategy-based RPG developed by Benjamin Hauer free from GX.games in November, while the idle game Leaf Blower Revolution will also be available on the platform this month. GX.games announces the “Monthly Drop” – a new initiative to provide its audience with new indie games every month to play for free on GX.games, the only browser built specifically for gamers.

Oslo, Norway, November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In November, GX.games – the platform where creators and developers meet the gaming browser’s 18 million strong audience – will add two new games that users can download and play for free.


Once again next month GX.games is adding two amazing indie games to the platform for users to download and play for free. Both Hero’s Hour and Leaf Blower Revolution have been hugely popular on other gaming platforms, which is why we’re excited to bring them to Opera GX for free in November. We are also very excited to launch the new Monthly Drop initiative,” said Mattijs de ValkVP Content Acquisition at Opera.

The first free game this month is leaf blower Revolution, an idle game developed by Humble North that received an overwhelmingly positive response on Steam and is available to download and play starting today. When the leaves start to fall and start to pile up in your garden, it’s up to you to grab your nuclear-powered leaf blowers and clear away the leaves – unlock upgrades, earn achievements and more.

The second free game coming to GX.games is hero hour, a popular combat-based strategy RPG with over 100 hours of gameplay. In Hero’s Hour you take control of a hero on a quest for his world, build his city, fight in fast-paced battles and create an army capable of overcoming any challenge.

Created by a Danish developer Benjamin HauerHero’s Hour is the first game available through GX.games that is not only free to claim and play, but users who claim the game between November 17th and 23rd can keep the game forever.

To ensure you get Hero’s Hour for free, go to GX.games, click on the game, create an account and click claim.

The new games are part of GX.games’ new “Monthly Drop,” an initiative that brings new indie games to Opera GX audiences for free every month. These games are free if you access them through both Opera and Opera GX.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Players hungry for additional quality free indie games can also play many more free games on GX.games such as: Last Horizon, windmills, textorcistand timeline (only until November 22nd).

Hero’s Hour is free to use between 17.11. and 23.11.2022.

Download Opera GX today and let the fun begin https://gx.games.

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