Highlights from the November 2022 issue of Greenhouse Grower

From emerging niche crops to the status of growing media, there was a lot of information to share greenhouse grower Issue November 2022. Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the top stories (links to each story are included in the photo gallery and below).

Vanilla and turmeric are marketed as greenhouse herbs

The November cover story was a series of profiles of several up and coming plants for you to check out. This deals with the increasing popularity of vanilla and turmeric.

Increase your cash flow with indoor berries

Indoor grown berries can be a highly profitable crop for greenhouse growers of all sizes, and several greenhouse operations have already incorporated berries into their production lines.

Growing forest crops in your greenhouse

The opportunity for growers to get into raising tree seedlings or growing them in nursery standard retail transplants has perhaps never been better.

4 Unique Greenhouse Crops You May Not Have Thought Of

mangoes? melons? wasabi? Yes, they could all suit you – if you do your homework.

What we know about labor market regulations and what you can do

Greenhouse lighting for long days

Learn about long-day lighting practices that optimize your plants’ photoperiod flowering response.

Dealing with a large fungus in greenhouse cucumbers using biologics

Research has shown that the application of biological control products can reduce powdery mildew in greenhouse cucumbers.

Current and future status of the growing media industry

Growing medium producers strive to solve product shortages, develop innovative solutions and serve their customers.

Has the succulent wave peaked? Not so fast

There are still many growth opportunities in the succulent market. A breeder, a breeder and a social media lifestyle expert give their opinions.

Top Ten Performing Annuals from the University of Minnesota 2022 Flower Trials

On GreenhouseGrower.com you will find reports from several field trials from universities and growers over the past year. Here’s one that offers a stunning display of color, texture, and foliage.

Why my love for yearbooks keeps growing

In his latest column, Allan Armitage says the world of growing annuals should never be boring thanks to the wide range of colors and other benefits they offer.

Why it is crucial for you to know your end user

greenhouse grower According to editor Janeen Wright, consumer engagement is changing, and the companies that grow and see continued success will be the ones doing more to build their business around their customers.



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