Himouto Umaru-chan R Gets English Dub Next Week – MP3s & NPCs

2017 Himouto Umaru-chan R finally gets an English dubbing thanks to HIDIVE.

All 12 episodes announced yesterday will arrive synced to the anime streaming service on Wednesday, November 23 at 12:00 p.m. EST / 9:00 a.m. PST. A lot of vocal talent out Himuto! Umaru-chan will return to voice their notable characters, including Emily Neves as Umaru Doma, Jad Saxton as Kirie Motoba, and Christina Kelly as Sylphynford Tachibana. The full cast and crew list can be viewed below.

A synopsis for the show reads:

Umaru Doma has a secret: in public she is a reserved and perfect beauty. At home, she develops into a junk food connoisseur whose talents include reading video games, manga, watching anime and teasing her big brother Taihei. This season reunites Umaru with her friends: country girl Nana, quiet Kirie, and closet nerd Sylphynford. What adventures await Umaru-chan now?

You can get a seven-day free trial of HIDIVE by signing up here.

English crew

Director – Kyle Colby Jones

ADR Author – Kyle Colby Jones

Audio Engineer – Jonathan Rodriguez

Mix and sound design – Brent Marshall

English cast

Umaru Doma – Emily Neves

Taihei Doma-Adam Noble

Kirie Motoba – Jad Saxton

Sylphynford Tachibana – Christina Kelly

Nana Ebina – Sara Ornelas

Alex-Scott Gibbs

Bombers – Jason Douglas

Hikari – Kira Vincent Davis

Mrs. Kanau – Maggie Flecknoe

Anime Guy – Ryan Anthony

Arcade Staff – Kyle Colby Jones

Arcade Manager – John Swasey

Awards Speaker – Annie Wilde

Big Bang – Star Carter

Brother – Ryan Anthony

Cashier – Joanne Bonasso

Chef Koichiro – Bryson Baugus

Clerk – Annie Wilde

Daughter – Samantha Stevens

Diamond Sultry Voice – Star Carter

Diamond Voice – Mike Boike

Donald NcDonald – Kyle Colby Jones

Ebina’s brother – Blake Jackson

Ebina’s father – John Swasey

Ebina’s mother – Allison Sumrall

Staff – Dee Vera

Pinball – Cody House

Game Commentator – Andrew Love

Geriatric Landlord – Kyle Colby Jones

Careers Advisor – Dee Vera

Horoscope – Joanne Bonasso

Joggers – Cody House

Lonely Boy – Shannon Reed

Lover Boy – Kyle Colby Jones

Lover Girl – Joanne Bonasso

Miki TachibanaJoanne Bonasso

Monster Beast – Andrew Love

Mother – Joanne Bonasso

Movie Hype Man – Shannon Reed

Mr Motoba – Andrew Love

Mrs. Gossip – Star Carter

Nacon-Bryson Baugus

Narrator – John Swasey

Office Lady – Annie Wilde

Pokee Player – Joanne Bonasso

Stomper—John Swasey

Director – John Swasey

Proctor—Joanne Bonasso

Girl Reading – Joanne Bonasso

Referee – Cody House

Santa Daddy – Kyle Colby Jones

Sister – Star Carter

Sous Chef – Blake Jackson

Big Guy – Shannon Reed

Teacher Glasses – Annie Wilde

Deputy Headmaster – Kyle Colby Jones

Victim – Kyle Colby Jones

Anime Song Shills – Mike Boike, Natalie Jones

Narrator – Cody House, Joanne Bonasso

Chomp Chomp – John Swasey, Natalie Jones

Cura Crew – Alex Bedford, Annie Wilde, Dee Vera, Joanne Bonasso

Clients – Annie Wilde, Cody House

Gossip Girls – Alex Bedford, Allison Sumrall, Annie Wilde, Crystal Boike, Dee Vera, Joanne Bonasso, Natalie Jones, Samantha Stevens

Smitten Boys – Blake Jackson, Cody House, Ryan Anthony

Football Players – Alex Bedford, Annie Wilde, Crystal Boike, Joanne Bonasso, Maggie Flecknoe, Natalie Jones, Star Carter

Students – Alex Bedford, Annie Wilde, Brittany Deans, Kyle Colby Jones, Patrick Marero, Shannon Reed, Star Carter

Swimming Enthusiasts – Alex Bedford, Crystal Boike, Natalie Jones, Samantha Stevens, Star Carter

Waitress – Crystal Boike, Natalie Jones


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