Holiday Harmony ending explained – will Gail return to small town Oklahoma?

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We’re discussing the ending of the HBO Max movie Holiday Harmony, which will contain spoilers.

HBO Max brought us a bunch of new Christmas movies this year, including holiday harmony. Our review includes a synopsis of the plot:

Gail (Annelise Cepero) is an aspiring musician who has been living in her van for a year, traveling around for small gigs and open mic nights. Thrilled to win a contest her friend persuaded her to enter on the Christmas Eve special for iHeart Radio, she begins her journey to Los Angeles. But when her van breaks down in Oklahoma, she’s forced to rethink what she wants in life with the help of local mechanic Van (Brooke Shields) and her son Jeremy (Jeremy Sumpter).

It’s a pretty average low-budget Christmas film of its kind, with a small-town romance and someone torn between living a slower life and chasing their dreams. Subpar acting and an unoriginal script prevent it from being anything special for the genre.

Holiday Harmony ending explained – will Gail return to small town Oklahoma?

After a complicated hiatus with Jeremy and making sure her music class with kids is ready for her big show, Gail decides to do the rest of the country to make it to the I listened to the radio Christmas Eve gig that could be her big break. But when she gets there, things are not what she expected. A music label agrees to sign her but wants to change everything about her – her image, her hair, her music and even her name.

She is torn and unsure of how to proceed. She wants that success she’s been chasing for years, but not if it means giving up being her authentic self. She suddenly leaves the rehearsal and calls Van from the bathroom to ask her what to do. When she comes out, she finds one of the iHeart Radio hosts encouraging her not to let a label change her. She offers the services of her travel agent to get Gail back to Oklahoma in time to see her class’s performance at the Christmas competition.

She realizes her dream is to make music, but not necessarily in association with a major record label. She loves teaching her music class to the kids and realizes she can find fulfillment in ways that don’t require her to change.

Gail returns to the delight of her class of kids, one of whom is struggling with severe stage fright. But the performance goes brilliantly and Gail performs the original song she wrote, which was to be her entry into the iHeart Radio contest. Friendly iHeart Radio host Amy has worked with Van and they’re live streaming Gail’s performance to the show via iPhone. Of course, Gail and Jeremy are getting back together and seem ready to start a relationship together.

The ending is pretty much what you would expect from a movie like this. It’s kind of annoying to see how small towns and certain professions are constantly glamorized about the pursuit of opportunity — especially since we know that elementary school music teachers have small paychecks and little job security. It’s certainly a happy ending, though, that encourages the holiday cheer.

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