Horror games that twist the zombie mythos

Zombies have become an important part of pop culture, appearing in many stories and instantly enhancing the experience in their own way. The idea of ​​having to fight undead creatures that players may have known makes for a truly nightmarish time indeed. That being said, the generic nature of zombies is something that has put many people off checking anything with zombies in it, largely because they are so prevalent in most forms of media…video games included.

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As a result, it became necessary for people on the creative side to put a unique twist on the concept of zombies in order to make things more interesting for the masses. Video games were definitely on top, with the following titles incorporating zombies in a fresh and unique way, making them quite immersive and not nearly as cliche as most people would assume.


8/8 The last of us

Tlou part 1 clicker grabs joel

The last of us is one of the best video games of all time, weaving an emotional story amidst all the chaos caused by a rather unique zombie outbreak. The fact that zombies aren’t undead is already a departure from myth as it is.

in the The last of us, the Cordyceps fungus has evolved and started to infect humans as well, resulting in their brains being taken over by this parasitic plant. The clickers are a great example of this, as the infection progresses so fast they’re mushrooming!

7/8 Last days

Days Gone has some really intense zombie fights

Last days is easily one of the most underrated PlayStation titles that deserves a lot more love. The game follows the adventures of anti-hero Deacon St. John and his efforts to locate his wife two years after a pandemic broke out that was turning the populace into Freakers. Last days‘s version of Zombies.

The zombie outbreak was caused by a plague, as opposed to the dead emerging from the ground. This is a fairly common trope used by most of the games on this list, and serves as a fitting way to twist the original myth that zombies are reanimated corpses.

6/8 Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Zombie attack in The Walking Dead

the Walking Dead is a multimedia franchise that also includes comics, TV shows, and video games. In the latter case, Telltale is the most notable company to have published a trilogy the Walking Dead games and also a Michonne spin-off.

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The story of the series revolves around an infection that has plagued the entire world, causing people to turn into zombies even if they die without being bitten. Only a major brain injury keeps the dead from rising from their graves.

5/8 resident Evil

Resident Evil Remake 2 Claire Redfield is bitten by zombie

resident Evil is one of the most popular zombie games out there, with this series spawning an excellent series of games dealing with a zombie infection caused by Umbrella Corporation’s misguided experiments. It’s an iconic series that’s still going strong to this day thanks to Capcom’s recent efforts to revitalize the franchise once more.

With the new games and reboots coming out lately, there’s no better time to jump in resident Evil than now. Both new and old fans will find a lot of things to like about this great series.

4/8 left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead The Infected mode with zombies staggering through forests

Valve’s line of duologies was pretty awesome in its own right, with left 4 Dead to be one of the many outstanding IPs they have helped develop. There’s a reason Previous 4 blood is still in the shadow of left 4 Dead Series after developers decided to release a title without Valve’s input.

left 4 Dead‘s zombie outbreak is caused by the green flu virus, which also has certain special infected people. This makes every single level of Left 4 Dead a nerve-wracking experience that becomes a little more bearable with other players.

3/8 dying light

Halloween Dying Light

dying light is a great title that combines the threat of zombies with the use of parkour to avoid them. The end result is an impressive action title with a strong core gameplay loop that carries both games despite their lackluster stories.

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The plague inside dying light is caused by the Harran virus in the first game, with a mutated version appearing in the second title called THV. Antizin can be used to deter the effects of the virus, although it’s only a temporary fix.

2/8 DayZ

Dayz Zombie

Video game mods can be really impressive when a lot of work is put into them DayZ to be a great example of that. This multiplayer title throws players into an area populated with infected, forcing them to gather the funds needed to survive against these hyper-aggressive zombies.

Again, these zombies are not reanimated corpses, but the by-product of an unknown pathogen that has infected the populace. The fact that nothing concrete is known about this infection makes it even more harrowing to deal with.

1/8 deadrise

0_0004_Viewpoint (Dead Rising)

deadrise is one of the first titles that comes to mind when talking about zombie outbreaks. Once again, human interference through scientific research led to this plague being unleashed on the public.

in the deadrise, there are mutant wasps that have escaped and caused the population to turn into zombies. Their parasitic larvae cause humans to lose their minds and turn into those mindless creatures that Frank West wipes out during his adventures on the other side of the world deadrise games.

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