How to add a new Open With menu to the Windows 11 context menu

Is the “Open With” menu on Windows 11 a little lackluster for you? Here’s how you can do it even better with Open with++.

The context menu of Windows 11 has a Open with Submenu listing programs that can be selected to open files. However, this submenu is not very flexible as you cannot configure it.

You can choose new apps to open files, and Windows will do that. additional programs to this menu. However, you cannot remove unwanted entries or change icons on them. Fortunately, you can add a more flexible one Open with Windows 11 menu with open with ++.

Open with++ is a third party program that adds a new one Open with Submenu to Windows 11. With this software installed, you can add and remove software entries to a custom Open with Menu in the classic Windows 11 context menu. It also contains additional configuration settings for each added program.


Here’s how you can add one Open with ++ Menu for Windows 11:

  1. Go to and download the Open with++ Softpedia page.
  2. press the in your browser Downloads tab to open File Explorer, then select extract everything at the top of the File Explorer window. You can also see How to open File Explorer on Windows for more information.
    The Extract All option in Explorer
  3. click search to choose a different directory for the extracted folder if needed.
  4. Next, select the checkbox for the Show extracted file extraction Possibility.
    Extract the compressed ZIP folder
  5. click extract to show an extracted OpenWithPP- directory.
  6. Double-click the OpenWithPPGUI.exe file to open the Open with ++ window.
  7. press the To install Option in Open with ++.
    The Open with ++ window

You won’t be able to see any Open with ++ Submenu in the context menu until you add software. So you need to add some programs to open files. To add new items to this menu:

  1. Press the Add to button in the Open with ++ window.
  2. Enter a software title in the Surname Crate.
  3. Press the All files Button.
  4. click search to open a selection window.
  5. Select a program to add to the menu.
  6. click Open to select it.
  7. That Show app in submenu Option should be selected by default. However, check this box if it is not checked.
    Added programs in Open with++
  8. Repeat the above steps to add more software packages to the menu.
  9. Choose OK when done.

Now you see a new one Open with ++ Submenu in the classic Windows 11 context menu. In Explorer, right-click and select a file Show more options. Then hover over the new one Open with ++ submenu. You will see the newly added programs in the menu. From there, select an app to open the file.

The submenu Open with ++

click All files makes a program entry visible in the menu for all files that you right-click on. However, you can specify more specific file types for a software option by entering format extensions in the data types Crate. For example, enter png gif in which data types Box for an image viewer. Then you can select this image viewer only to open PNG and GIF files.

You can easily delete programs from the menu. To do this, select an added program within the Open with ++ Window. Press the Remove Button to delete the selected entry.

Open with++ also lets you add icons for software menu items. To do this, select a program in the Open with ++ window and click on the symbol field search Button; Select an icon file (ICO) of appropriate size for a program and click the Open Crate.

Look for an icon folder in the installation directory of the selected software. This folder will likely contain some small icons that you can add to the menu.

You can also find menu icons for more popular software like Google Chrome on the Icon Archives website. Enter the title of the software in the search box on this website to find it. Select this option to download (or save) a 16 or 24 pixel icon for the software from the search results.

Google Chrome icons

We’ve also covered the best icon packs for Windows if you’re looking to add some personal flair to your PC.

The benefits of adding a custom Open with++ submenu to the Windows 11 context menu are obvious. You can customize this submenu to include only the apps you need by manually adding and removing software. You can also specify command arguments for added programs. So, Open with++ gives you an overall more customizable menu for selecting software to open files in Windows 11.


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