How to Download YouTube Short Films in Gallery [updated*] 2022

After the popularity of short video platforms like Tiktok, Moj, and Instagram Reels, Google also launched its YouTube short film service. Here one YouTube Creator can record and share videos of 15 seconds or shorter on the broadcast platform. YouTube generally allows users to download videos to watch offline, but unfortunately this feature is not yet compatible with YouTube short films.

However, an alternative solution allows you to download YouTube shorts movies. Although downloading YouTube short films through third-party applications and websites is free, it is against the law. Similar to downloading YouTube videos, downloading shorts videos prevents content producers from making money. However, if needed, we will show you how to save YouTube shorts videos for online viewing on mobile devices.

These short videos attract more user attention and quickly go viral. After they are created on Android and iOS devices, users can share videos with their contacts. However, to access this feature, users must use a third-party application.

The default time limit is 15 seconds and can be extended to one minute. The feature is available worldwide and covers 100 countries. The process is visible in the YouTube application through specific videos by clicking on “Shorts” at the bottom of the YouTube application.

The shorts do not add the monetization feature. Therefore, it does not contain intermediate ads to increase income. As a rule, the videos are recorded vertically. The audio accessed from the YouTube library has a time limit of just 15 seconds.

Steps to Download YouTube Short Films to Your Phone Gallery (iOS/Android)


Step 1: Open the YouTube application on his Android device.

Step 2: Touch the Share link and copy the available link when the short films are playing.

Step 3: now open YouTube Shorts Downloader.

Step 4: The user must paste the link into the search button.

Step 5: Click on the search option.

Step 6: Choose the quality of the short film YOE you want to download and click on it. The ads can be avoided by clicking in the search button.

Step 7: Finally, the video will be saved on the Android device.

Step 8: The application can also be downloaded from the Play Store.


Step 1: Open the YouTube application on your Apple device.

Step 2: While playing the YouTube short films, click the share and copy link button.

Step 3: Now open the “YouTube Short Film Downloader”.

Step 4: Paste the link and tap Get Video.

Step 5: Click the Download button where you will notice a window appearing for downloading the video.

Step 6: Click on the download option.

Step 7: The downloaded video will be saved on your iOS device.

Step 8: To save it to the camera roll, click the download option on the left side of the URL.

Step 9: Press download options.

Step 10: Click on the option, share on the left and tap to save the video.

Step 11: The video will be saved in the iPhone Roll Roll album


What are YouTube short films?

YouTube short films is a service for posting and watching short videos like Instagram Reels, Moj App, Tiktok and others. YouTube users can access the service using any device such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC. Creators can access the media library, a timer, speed controls, and other simple tools to edit the 15-second video.

Who can make videos from YouTube shorts?

Anyone with a Google account and access to YouTube can create and publish YouTube Shorts videos.

Can we share YouTube shorts videos without downloading them?

You can easily share links to youtube shorts videos via whatsapp, email, instagram DM, linkedin, private twitter messages…


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