How to follow World Cup 2022 with Google on Android

Chasing the 2022 World Cup in Qatar doesn’t have to be a fight. While there are many apps out there to keep track of all games, penalties, yellow cards and goals, there are a few features that you might find particularly useful with a simple Google search or the Google app itself.

Yes, Google will keep you up to date with the World Cup! The company has developed some amazing features that you can access very quickly. Let’s take a look at all the ways you can use Google on Android to keep tabs on what’s happening at the World Cup.


How to access Google’s coverage of the 2022 World Cup

Accessing Google’s World Cup coverage is relatively easy, and there are a few ways to go about it. This is done either through the Google app or by searching for specific terms in the Google search bar on your home screen.

The first method is to tap on the Google app or the Google icon in the Google search widget. Below the search bar you should see a weather widget; Swipe the widget to the left and you will find one To edit button (a pencil icon). Tap on it and toggle Sports on.

The second method is to access the Google app or tap on the widget and use specific search terms. It seems that the following search terms work to access Google’s World Cup coverage:

  • World Cup Qatar 2022
  • World Championship
  • FIFA
  • Qatar 2022

After entering the above terms and searching for them, you should see a list of search results. Scroll the sponsored links and you will see the FIFA World Cup Qatar Overview provided by Google. Here you will see a side-scrolling list of features, with some boxes showing an overview of the World Cup.

Aside from using the Google app, you can also use Amazon Alexa to keep up with your favorite sporting events.

Google’s World Cup coverage features

Google’s World Cup coverage includes much more than just following the current game and related news. It offers a lot of information and you can set up alerts for many categories. The side-scrolling list includes the following features:

  • Overview and games
  • table
  • Hit
  • news
  • player

Overview and games

Buttons for different sections in the Google app

While overview and matches are separate functions, they basically provide the same information. overview provides an overview of the teams and games scheduled to play that day, along with an option to pin the live score of the next game in the series.


Country flags and list of results next to it

Beat table takes you to an overview of the current phase with all groups arranged for easy reading. It has descriptors for each team outlining the games played, wins, draws, losses, points, goals for, goals conceded, goal difference and penalties for each team.


Partial view of the tournament layout in the Google app

Hit displays World Championship results in a tournament format. It displays the results for the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final. Teams and their results are automatically populated as results come in.


List of World Cup sections for Google app with news results

That news Section gathers the latest World Cup updates and puts them all together in one place. These updates come directly from authoritative sources such as FIFA, Forbes, NBC Sports Pressbox and CNN.


player is one of the more interesting and useful features. It organizes a list of players in tile format. Tapping on a tile will open a separate section with a detailed layout of that specific player’s information.

Set up WM notifications and event updates

If you’re interested in setting up notifications and event updates, you’ve come to the right place on Google. You can configure notifications for your favorite teams, players and games. You can also pin matches to your home screen in the form of a floating widget. Here’s how to configure both.

WM notifications

You can get general updates by setting up notifications in Google’s World Cup coverage section. To do this, simply tap Bell jar at the top right of the screen. This will open another screen where you can choose which teams you want to receive updates and notifications for.

Also, you can tap at the top right of this next screen Bell jar click again for video recaps and other related World Cup news.

Pin World Cup games to your home screen

Finally you can pin live game score right on your home screen! This comes in the form of a floating widget that acts as an overlay, much like other useful Android widgets. You can use your phone as usual and see live scores without having to switch between apps.

Setting it up is easy.

  1. Open the WM area through the Sports Widget in the Google app or enter one of the above search terms in Google.
  2. Tap on matches.
  3. You should see the option Pin Live Score at the bottom of the map for the upcoming game. Beat Pin Live Scoreand you’re done!

Use Android to keep up with the World Cup

The Play Store is flooded with apps to follow the World Cup. While these can be very effective and offer a ton of features, Google has managed to pack tons of content into its own search engine. Tapping the Sports widget in the Google app or simply searching for a few specific terms will take you to a central hub for all the information you need during the World Cup.

If you’re interested in deep dive into World Cup history on your Android, Google’s hub might not cut it. For more information, visit FIFA+, the official FIFA app for viewing all types of football content. You can view archives of previous games, player history and more!


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