How to get to Alfornada

Alfornada is the home of the Psychic Gym in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and this guide explains some ways to get there in order to take him down.

Players taking on the Gym Challenge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet You’ll have to travel quite a bit and hunt throughout the Paldea region to earn the eight badges. You can get such a badge at the gym in Alfornada, in the southwestern part of Paldea. Players must complete the Gym Challenge and then face multiple trainers before reaching the Gym Leader Tulip.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Provide players with a range of paths and a variety of methods to navigate the world, but certain areas can be very difficult to reach at first due to the lack of ways to reach them. There is usually at least one means of getting there, but sometimes finding it can prove tricky. This guide will show a simple early method to reach Alfornada without requiring any of the unlockable traversal options that make navigating and exploring a bit easier.


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How to get to Alfornada

From the Western Province (Area One)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet_Alfornada Route 1

Path to Alfornada Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Players using this route will need to go to the Western Province (Area One) – Central Pokemon Center. It is west of Cortondo. From here, players must find a path that heads west and curves south, following a cliff edge. Cortondo should be visible in the distance just before the bend and stay on the left for the rest of this section of the track.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet_Alfornada Route 2

After reaching a lone tree at the end of the path, players should walk past it and jump into the valley below. From here, go a little further south and jump down to the small pond, then go a little further south from there and drop again to land with a cave on the right.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet_Alfornada Route 3

Go straight through the cave and out the other side, then turn left and drop down a little further. Going straight (west) from here will take you to an elevated rocky path in the Southern Province (Area Six). Follow the path up and around to reach another cave called “Alfornada Cavern”. Just go through it and take the sloping path up and around to a cave exit that drops players just outside of Alfornada.

Now that players have made it to Alfornada, the Psychic Gym and its leader Tulip are just a short walk away; much luck.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for Nintendo Switch.


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