How to relocate your business without sacrificing productivity

A busy office after you've managed to move your business without sacrificing productivity
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Trying to maintain your productivity during a home move is tough. And this is completely removed from your business environment.

Are you trying to do the same during a business relocation? It’s even more challenging now. Thankfully, it’s still doable as long as you know a little about how to relocate your business without losing productivity!

Prioritize communication

To relocate your business without sacrificing productivity, you must first set up the right communications. You see, with all the chaos of a move, it can be very easy to go wrong. Especially when you need to convey important information to someone, it should be obvious why potential misunderstandings and poorly routed orders can set back a deal. A simple planning mistake can quickly spiral out of control, both complicating your move and hampering your productivity. Just like trying to improve the performance of your business in general, the key to a well-organized move is still to easily pass all the information along. It pays to set things up beforehand. Perhaps by forming a chain with the team leaders and managers at the top, who then hired employees, they need to make contact.

Switch to the home office temporarily

If the pandemic has taught everyone one thing, it’s that working from home is more viable than many thought. Coincidentally, relocating your business without sacrificing productivity can also be crucial. Admittedly, it would be a change not to let everyone work together in the office, even for a day or two. But it wouldn’t necessarily be negative. Sometimes the best way to ensure work gets done well and effectively is to remove your employees from the chaotic environment. In their own four walls they could concentrate better and maybe even work more efficiently than in an office. This is only in the short term as it is sometimes difficult to maintain proper coordination in the home office. But it would still save you from this particular emergency!

Make a detailed plan in advance

The bane of many companies when it comes to office relocation is that they can’t create a plan and stick to it. It may seem like a good idea to “adjust” immediately or try to tackle important tasks as they arise. It is not. The only thing you can do is give yourself a panic attack when it suddenly seems like a billion things need to be done at once. Only with a proper and detailed plan of action will you be able to handle the many pressures of moving a business. You need to know exactly how early to start packing if your employees need to leave the premises. And of course when you can reasonably expect to open your new location. These details also give you more perceived “control” over the situation and prevent panic.

Hire professionals

No matter what, trying to organize a company move on your own is never a good idea. You may think that your employees can handle helping you move. You can not. Even if they feel motivated, they don’t have the knowledge to do it right. They don’t know how to pack equipment properly to avoid damage. And they certainly don’t know how to do it quickly. If you don’t want to face financial hurdles caused by damaged equipment, it is much better to invest in professional moving companies. Of course, the main advantage is still how quickly professionals can complete the move. What seems like days of work can be completed in just a few hours. That should go a long way in helping you relocate your business without sacrificing productivity.

Organize the move after work

You always have the option of organizing a move for a period of time when it cannot harm your productivity. Ideally, you should be able to work out a deal to move over the weekend. Movers that mainly work with businesses should be open to such arrangements and even give plenty of advice on how best to organize things. If this is not possible, then you should at least try to organize the move after work. Of course, keep in mind that simply moving everything around won’t make your new space immediately usable. It still has to be set up and organized, but at least we can guarantee that even professionals can do it quickly. If you have the right timing and follow our advice on getting professional help, the whole moving process will be quick.

Notify customers and partners

The last piece of advice we can offer to relocate your business without losing productivity is to always notify your customers in advance. It would be absolutely disastrous if an important client suddenly contacts you or walks in amidst the chaos. Likewise, you don’t want to be forced to organize meetings on such days. Having to yell to hear the sounds of a move wouldn’t make a particularly good impression. If you had something planned for the date, try and postpone it. A little honesty should help, and being honest is always better than suffering from deteriorating relationships with customers and business partners. You can even take the extra time to learn more about the business and create a detailed plan of action once the move is complete and ready to go!

Last word

Now that you know how to relocate your business without sacrificing productivity, all you have to do is put your knowledge into practice! The main thing to remember is not to rush. If you panic and get nervous, you can very easily contribute to reducing the productivity of your own company.


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