Hunter x Hunter Manga Chapter 396 Full Plot Summary, Leaks & Spoilers + Raw Scans

hunter x huntr is one of the most popular manga series of all time. Apart from that, it is also one of the most popular and critically acclaimed anime of all time. The original series debuted in 1999 but the latest came out in 2011 and ended in 2014 after 6 incredible seasons. As for the manga, the Hunter x Hunter has published over 36 volumes, but the series has gone through several long hiatuses during its journey. Then, in 2018, Yoshihiro Togashi took the longest hiatus to date, and since then the entire manga community has been waiting to know the fate of the series. Well today we have some amazing news for all those fans as HxH is back and below is what the latest Chapter 396 is all about.

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 396 Spoilers and Full Storyline Leaked

Obviously massive spoilers (courtesy of r/HunterXHunter) for Hunter x Hunter titled Chapter 396 “Education: Part 2” Follow below so read at your own risk. Also check out some of the pages attached below and for all raw scans this chapter click here. Before proceeding, you can also read the synopsis of Chapter 395 here.

Chrollo is confronted by bullies Uvo and Phinks on the day of the screening for using “her” videotape without permission. Sarasa, the youngest of them all, defuses the situation and promises Chrollo that she knows how to handle the two of them. The demonstration begins and the crowd looks forward to seeing the Power Cleaners speak the language of Meteor City on screen. But the screening has to be stopped in the middle because the tape got tangled up.

Chrollo asks the father to lend him the microphone. In response to Uvo’s heckling, Chrollo appears to apologize by speaking in the characters’ voices (Chrollo has voiced all of the male characters in this volume). He then has the audience count down as he resumes the film, this time with a live dub of him, Paku, Sheila, and Sarasa. Chrollo’s performance as a monster is particularly impressive and sends shivers down the spines of the young troupe members. The performance ends with thunderous applause from the audience.

Hunter x Hunter 396 continues as Uvo and Phinks’ group wait for Chrollo after the screening. Chrollo is about to leave and apologize for using the tape, but Sarasa forestalls that by “synchronizing” the voice of Uvo’s heart and yelling, “Chrollo, I didn’t know you were such an asshole!” ( paraphrased). Uvo then asks to voice the monster for the remaining episodes of the tape. The rest of the squad also want a piece of the VA business; Nobu volunteers to be Green, Feitan Yellow, Phinks Blue, Shalnark Purple + Pink + Genius Professor, Franklin the Great Demon King. Machi is too cool to voice over the princess, so she asks to voice a villain instead. The group is formed.

In one of their table readings, they discuss how to name their group. Uvo suggests 劇団 (gekidan) meaning troupe (of theater performers), but Nobu thinks it sounds too serious and that they are more like traveling performers, so Paku suggests 旅団 (ryodan) for 旅 meaning travelling. This is what the “Something Ryodan” is provisionally named. When asked why he’s so excited about what the troupe will play next, Uvo says he’s found what he wants. And when Chrollo asks what that is, Uvo replies, “I want to be the number one villain in the world in the many plays I’m going to perform with you around the world.”

Chrollo is concerned that Sarasa appears to have gone home alone, although Shalnark assures her that she is fine as she lives fairly close by. We see Sarasa walking through a jungle of industrial waste, excited to have found a large pile of videotapes which she believes may contain newer episodes of the Power Cleaners. Nearby, suspects are in a car looking for their latest loot to kidnap. This is where the chapter ends and hopefully there will be no break next week.

HxH Chapter 396 Release date and time

Hunter x Hunter returns with 4 new manga chapters

Hunter x Hunter Manga Chapter 396 will be released on Sunday November 27th, 2022. Obviously the date and time of this manga will change from nation to nation due to the totally different world time zones and we have compiled a list of few of them below:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8 a.m
  • Central Summer Time: 10 a.m
  • Japan Daylight Saving Time: 11 a.m
  • UK summer season time: 4pm
  • Central European summer season time: 17:00
  • Indian everyday time: 8:30pm
  • Philippine time: 11:00 p.m
  • Australian Central Summer Time: 00:30

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