Is Planet Fitness open? [Updated November 2022]

Is Planet Fitness open on Thanksgiving or do you have to wait until after the holidays to pump some holiday iron?

Thanksgiving is an interesting holiday – sort of a fun uncle of the fall holiday season.

It’s after Halloween but before Christmas and Hanukkah and hovers in a fun little glimmer of hope while the year still has time and the excitement of another holiday season is on the horizon. Calling Thanksgiving a prelude to the Christmas season in December is a little unfair, it’s more like the middle movie of a really fun trilogy where the stakes aren’t that high but the plot is well advanced.

But what Thanksgiving is best known for—aside from the tricky politics of both its history and the politics at the table—is food.

Turkey. Gravy. Mashed potatoes. Macaroni and Cheese. Wine.

Most of our holidays revolve around food, but Thanksgiving really takes the cake — or more specifically, the cake.

Some people may want to try to work off their holiday gluttons or prepare by hitting the gym before the dinner table festivities begin. That means wondering if Planet Fitness is open and whether or not you can get there on the holidays.

Is Planet Fitness open on Thanksgiving 2022?

Out as Reverand Lovejoy The simpsons once joked: Yes with buts, no with ifs.

Yes, Planet Fitness is open on Thanksgiving but does not have normal hours. No, Planet Fitness will not be open 24 hours due to the holidays as it normally is on a normal day.

Planet Fitness Thanksgiving Day 2022

Well, that’s a little difficult. Planet Fitness is a franchise, which means that each gym is privately owned, although they all operate under the same corporate umbrella. This means it is left to each individual gym to set their vacation times under the overall order that comes from above.

This mandate usually means gyms don’t have to stay open for the usual 24-hour period on days like Thanksgiving.

Of course, that makes figuring out whether or not your local Planet Fitness is open on Thanksgiving a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

  • Call your local Planet Fitness. Whoever works the front desk can give you this place’s Thanksgiving hours faster than it takes to actually dial the number. For example, a Chicago Planet Fitness we called is open until 2pm.
  • Check Planet Fitness’ Gym Locator. Holiday times are not updated here for every location, but you can usually find the most accurate information here without having to interact with another human over the phone.

The best trick here is to just hit the gym beforehand. Most Planet Fitness locations have printed signs listing Thanksgiving times both on the main doors and throughout the gym. It’s also a great excuse to hit the gym, which is never a bad thing.

Planet Fitness hours daily

As mentioned above, the hours for each Planet Fitness really depend on what location you’re looking at. The aforementioned corporate mandate — which is also Planet Fitness’ entire selling point — is that the gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is not true at all locations. While Planet Fitness is typically open 24 hours a day every weekday, some locations close Sunday evenings and reopen early Monday mornings. Use the gym locator to be absolutely sure what your location’s opening times are.

  • Sunday opening hours: 7.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m
  • Monday Hours: Opens at 5am
  • Tuesday hours: 24 hours
  • Wednesday opening hours: 24 hours
  • Thursday opening hours: 24 hours
  • Friday Hours: Closes at 9pm
  • Saturday opening hours: 7.00 a.m. – 7.00 p.m


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