Jaipur Pink Panthers vs. Tamil Thalaivas Live Score, Pro Kabaddi 2022: Deja vu for Thalaivas; Sagar had to be stretchered with a knee injury

Hello and welcome to Sportstars coverage of ProKabaddi’s game between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Tamil Thalaivas on Friday in Hyderabad.

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HALFTIME: The Tamil Thalaivas attackers started off with a terribly bad night. Near the 10 minute mark in the game, Thalaivas hadn’t managed a single raid point. It’s the first half-dozen points to come from super tackles. Shadloui-esque, right? But right after that, Sagar Rathee injured his knee and was put on a stretcher. Scary like the Pawan Sehrawat episode. Ashan Kumar has a daunting task ahead of him as his team seek a win to stay comfortably inside the top six.

20-13 FIRST POINT OF THE NIGHT FOR NARENDER. He takes a point ahead of Sahul Kumar, but more importantly, he’ll still be active on the mat at half-time.

20-12 Ajinkya Pawar fights. He gets a bonus and thwarts an attacking Reza Mirbagheri to get two points.

20-10 Ajith Kumar has a mohit before Arjun Deshwal knocked out Himanshu.

18-10 Ajinkya Pawar is activated. He takes advantage of right flanks and takes two points as he quickly gets his hand over the center line. Removed Sahul Kumar and Reza Mirbagheri.

18-8 Jaipur, by the looks of it, is running away with the game. Arjun. Sahil Gulia and M. Abishek have to go to the bench.

16-8 Ajith Kumar gets a bonus while Narender scores no point after being tripped by Sahul Kumar, conceding one to Jaipur.

14-8 Ajith Kumar takes out Mohit just near the halfway line as he makes an advanced tackle. Team morale is obviously low. This is a real test of Ashan Kumar’s incredible skills as a male manager.

13-8 ALL DONE. Jaipur cleans up the Thalaivas. Their captain’s injury really took away some of the momentum.

10-7 Arjun Deshwal removes Sahil Gulia. Too easy for Jaipur at this stage.

9-7 Ankush brings down Himanshu

Cruel like Pawan Sehrawat’s episode. How unlucky has Thalaivas been?

8-7 Sagar tries to trigger another super tackle but Arjun Deshwal gets a touch and runs away, but the more important news is that Sagar is writhing in pain. It looks like he injured his heavily strapped knee. His knee hits the mat and it looks like trouble for the Thalaivas. Déjà-vu. Sagar is supported. Meanwhile, THALAIVAS is ASSIGNED the SUPER TACKLE as Arjun entered the lobby without a touch.

8-5 First raid point for Thalaivas with a bonus for Himanshu

8-4 V Ajith Kumar hurts his former side a bit by touching Mohit with his hand.

7-4 The Tamil Thalaivas attackers just don’t work today. Narender is tripped and Ashan Kumar sighs. NO RAID POINT FOR THALAIVAS YET.

6-4 The Tamil Thalaivas support themselves to master super tackles in do-or-die raids. Can this defense stand? YUP! Awesome once again. Arjun is benched again. Himanshu activates the tackle but doesn’t get it right. Sagar finishes the work.

6-2 Himanshu Singh is brought down by Jaipur defenses. Corners work well for the men in pink. He looks to the referees for a possible bonus but none is awarded.

5-2 Tamil Thalaivas open their account with a slightly wobbly super tackle. Sagar does the work for his side.

Tamil Thalaivas have yet to open their account. Pressure on Ashan Kumar as we can see all his side’s mental math happening on the touchline.

5-0 Arjun Deshwal gets Sahil Gulia while Ajinkya Pawar is brought down by Sahul Kumar

Arjun Deshwal is the first to reach 200 Raid Points this season.

3-0 Sahul Kumar falls and Narender is sent to the bench.

2-0 Arjun starts with a bonus point.

1-0 Rahul Chaudhari opens the raid and scores for his side. He takes the right cover from M. Abishek, making life a little easier for Arjun Deshwal. Narender starts with an empty raid.

Tamil Thalaivas wins the draw and Jaipur will raid first. Three pronged raid attack for the Panthers first.


JAIPUR: 2nd on the table

THALAIVA: 7. on the table


JAIPUR PINK PANTHERS: Arjun Deshwal, Sunil Kumar, Reza Mirbagheri, Rahul Chaudhari, V. Ajith Kumar, Sahul Kumar, Ankush

Tamil Thalaivas: Narender, Abishek M, Mohit, Himanshu, Ajinkya Pawar, Sagar, Sahil Gulia

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Despite losing their last game, the Jaipur Pink Panthers are in the top three overall with 10 wins and six losses this season. Arjun Deshwal has shown his dominance on the mat with 199 raid points. Rahul Chaudhari and V Ajith Kumar also assisted Deshwal, scoring 51 and 39 raid points respectively, while Bhavani Rajput managed 34 raid points. On defense, Ankush was their captain as he had 56 tackle points. Captain Sunil Kumar has also played a crucial role in defense adding 46 tackle points while Sahul Kumar added 27 tackle points.

HEAD TO HEAD | Hits: 7 | Tamil: 2 | Jaipur: 3| Draw: 2

Tamil Thalaivas are unbeaten in their last three games and have won seven, lost six and drawn three so far. Narender was the team’s top attack threat, scoring 169 raid points. Ajinkya Pawar helped Narender with 64 raid points while Himanshu Singh was looking good in parts with his 32 raid points. In terms of defense, Sagar was reliable with 51 tackle points for the Thalaivas. The Thalaivas captain is assisted by Sahil Gulia who has scored 41 tackle points while M. Abishek has accumulated 28 tackle points.



Robber: Arjun Deshwal, Ajith V Kumar, Rahul Chaudhari, Bhavani Rajput, Nitin Panwar, Navneet, Devank

Defender: Sunil Kumar, Woosan KO, Sahul Kumar, Reza Mirbagheri, Abhishek KS, Ashish, Ankush, Deepak Singh, Lucky Sharma, Nitin Chandel, Marimuthu Kamaraj

all-rounder: Rahul Gorakh Dhanawade

Tamil Thalaivas

Robber: Pawan Kumar Sehawat [out injured]Ajinkya Ashok Pawar, Sachin, Himanshu Narwal, Himanshu Singh, Narender.

Defender: Sagar, Ankit, M. Abhishek, Ashish, Md. Arif Rabbani, Himanshu, Mohit, Sahil Gulia, Arpit Saroha.

all-rounder: Visvanath V, Thanushan Laxmamoha, K Abhimanyu

Raid form, team performance and the race for the knockout rounds – we’ve covered it all on our weekly Pro Kabaddi League livestream. Watch the full stream below:


The Jaipur Pink Panthers v Tamil Thalaivas Pro Kabaddi Season 9 game will be streamed live on Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar on Friday 25th November from 8:30pm


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