Jessica Lowndes, Paul Greene & More Star in GAC Family’s Christmas Movie

GAC Family’s new holiday movie, I’m glad it’s Christmas, will air on the network on Saturday, November 26, 2022. The film revolves around an aspiring singer whose life changes after she decides to take part in a low-budget local production. According to Great American Family, the film’s official synopsis reads:

“An aspiring singer is persuaded to work on a local production. Along the way, she finds hope and mentorship in her career. But will her professional success come at the expense of her chance at love?”

I’m glad it’s Christmas Jessica Lowndes and Paul Greene star among many others.

GAC family I’m glad it’s Christmas Cast: Jessica Lowndes and others star in new holiday drama

1) Jessica Lowndes as Holly

Jessica Lowndes plays the main character of Holly in I’m glad it’s Christmas. In the film, she aspires to be a singer and decides to take part in a local holiday show, which turns out to be a life-changing moment for her. Lowndes looks absolutely relaxed as Holly and portrays her with amazing charm in the film’s preview.

Apart from I’m glad it’s ChristmasLowndes has acted in quite a few films and shows over the years such as 90210, A father’s nightmare, Christmas at Pemberley Manor, Rediscover Christmasand many more.

2) Paul Greene as Jason

Actor Paul Greene plays Jason in the new GAC family film. Based on the film’s preview, Greene appears to be playing Lownde’s love interest in the film. The two actors share impeccable on-screen chemistry. As an actor, Green is widely known for his performances in Evil Evil Games, Bitten, When the heart callsand christmas at angel falls, among many more.

3) Gladys Knight as Cora

Gladys Knight plays one of the film’s main characters, Cora, who acts as a mentor to the protagonist, Holly. Knight looks wonderfully charming in the film’s preview, and fans can expect the iconic star to give a heartwarming performance in the film.

Knight is a renowned pop and soul singer who has also appeared in a number of shows and films such as pipe dreams, Hollywood Murderand Charlie & Co.

Apart from Knight, Greene and Lowndes, I’m glad it’s Christmas plays numerous other actors in minor and supporting roles. These include actors such as:

  • Sierra Wooldridge as Christine
  • Teagan Sellers as Angela
  • Peggy Prud’homme as Diana
  • Dieter Lische-Parkes as Jamal
  • Josh Reich as a choirboy

Youtube cover

Great American Family shared the film’s official preview on November 19, 2022, which offers a glimpse into the exciting life of main character Holly. Holly is an aspiring singer who gets a chance to showcase her skills at a local event.

The opportunity leads to several life-changing moments of getting to do what she loves, but romance might complicate things. The film’s theme and tone is quite similar to GAC Family’s other recent holiday releases, such as: A Merry Christmas wish and Gastronomy Christmas.

Don’t forget to watch the new movie I’m glad it’s Christmason Great American Family on Saturday November 26, 2022.

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