Justin Hartley, Barrett Doss and more are the stars of the Netflix romcom

Netflix The Noel Diary scheduled for release on November 24, 2022. With great anticipation for the holiday film, it was announced that Justin Hartley of This is us was cast in the film along with Barrett Doss, James Remar and several others.

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Richard Paul Evans. The story is about a man named Jacob who returned home twenty years after the death of his mother. The latter later in her life became a hoarder and collected all sorts of things. There he finds a journal of Noel, a woman who stayed with his family during her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Rachel sets out to find her mother at Jacob’s side.

The official synopsis of the film as released by Netflix states:

“At Christmas, a novelist is cleaning up his childhood home and meets a woman who is searching for her birth mother. Will an old diary reveal their past – and their hearts?”

The film will be directed by Charles Shyer and produced by Margret H. Huddleston, Stephanie Slack and Ridoyanul Hoq. Written by Richard Paul Evans, Charles Shyer, Rebecca Connor and David Golde, the film’s cast list is packed with talent and pedigree and promises to bring the novel to life through the film.

Justin Hartley, Barrett Doss and many other actors will star The Noel Diary

1) Justin Hartley as Jacob Turner

Justin Hartley plays the role of Jacob Turner The Noel Diary.

The American actor was born on January 29, 1977 and is best known for his role in passions, The young and the restlessand This is us. In addition, Hartley was recognized for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series at the 24th Acreen Actors Guild Awards.

When director Charles Shyer cast the actor, he said:

“The truth is that we are very good friends now and when I was casting the noel diary, She read the script and said, “You have to see this Justin Hartley guy This is us.”

2) Barrett Doss as Rachel

Doss was born on March 20, 1989 in Minnestoa. She is best known for her role as Victoria Huges in train station 19

In addition to the role of Rachel in Noel’s diaryShe also starred as Rita Hanson in the Broadway comedy Groundhog Day. Doss has received the Theater World Award for Outstanding Broadway Debut Performance. In addition, she was also a part of iron fist and starred opposite Chadwick Boseman in marshal.

3) James Remar

James Remar, born December 31, 1953, gained recognition in Hollywood for his role as Ajax The Warriors. He also starred alongside Richard Gere in a drama called Bent.

He has a career spanning more than four decades and has played several famous roles in films. Remar has acted in several acclaimed films such as The Cotton Club, 48 hours, meeting man, Tales from the Dark Side: The Movie and guys on the side.

In addition, the actor starred in the main role dexter where he played the adoptive father of the titular protagonist. Remar also starred in Grey’s anatomy and Django Unchained. He received the 8th annual SAG award as a member of Outstanding Comedy Ensemble for his work in Sex and the City.

Other performers

In addition to the characters of Hartley and Doss, other actors’ roles have yet to be released. So here is a list of all the actors who will star in the lead role The Noel Diary:

  • Bonnie Bedelia
  • Treat Williams
  • Essence Atkins
  • Vivian Voll
  • Aaron Costa Ganis
  • Andrea Soch

The follower of The Noel Diary

Youtube cover

The holiday movie’s trailer reveals that while the plot has a bittersweet and happy Christmas aesthetic, it doesn’t limit itself to other thematic aspects such as grief and sadness.

Additionally, the trailer promises that the story will be more than a sketch of nostalgia and the search for Rachel’s mother, Noel, as it will also explore other complex issues. As the characters grapple with the ghosts of their past and gather scraps of information about Noel, the two leads go their own way by sharing a common present.

Don’t forget to look The Diary of Noel today on Netflix.

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