Karen Balicki scores a new record for the season at Sunset Lanes

Karen Balicki has won numerous awards for her bowling skills mowing pins in California.

And after changing her zip code from one in the Golden State to one in the Beehive State last year, she continues to receive praise for her bowling talent in her first bowling season in St. George. Not only that, she also gets inked and collects a headline in The Spectrum & Daily News.

And with good reason, considering her recent goal wound at Sunset, where she set the lanes ablaze with the highest game thrown by a woman this season at St George, a riveting 280.

Her jewel started with a strike on the first frame, followed by a spare on a 4-pin hand on the 2nd, followed by a stunning 10 straight strikes. Next, her second game lost some elevation after hitting a tricky spot with three opens in her first six frames.

Building on the momentum of four spares in a row to finish the 168, she made a strong comeback to finish with a 202 en route to an outstanding 650 series. And her 650 is also the highest rolled by a woman at Sunset Lanes this season, beating Kim Marshall’s 645.

So it’s not surprising that just a week earlier she had tattooed the 1-3 pocket with nine strikes in a 257 game and 19 strikes overall, paving the way for a 641 set.

Her resume includes a career-best 724 streak, a personal best of 297, and a high average of 189.

Aside from bowling, she enjoys reading and uses her crocheting skills to make hats for cancer patients. In fact, she’s made 325 hats in the last 30 months.

Walter Ray Williams and Jason Belmonte are her two favorite bowlers, and high on their bucket list are cruises to Panama and the Mediterranean, as well as trips to Ireland and Scotland.

Eventually, Balicki and her husband became personal friends with the late Jan Berry of the surf rock duo Jan and Dean, who had big hits in the 1960s with songs like Surf City, The Little Old Lady From Pasadena and Dead Man’s Curve.

In other action, Sheila Green (625-235) deserves kudos for her first 600 this season, Susan Hill underscored a 618 with 246 clean games, 204 and marks an impressive 15 of 16 spares and triggered nine strikes in a 246, Sherri Snarr (607) threw her umpteenth 600.

Margie O’Neill averaged 196 between good plays at Sunset (607-246) and Dixie (564-239), Diana Scharf threw a season-high 549 and Pat McCabe (544-194) delivered another week of competitive results.

Meanwhile, Ashley Thomas (641) had a 266 in singles games, Barbara Flugrad (514) had a season-high 214 and Shell Hurd (502) uncorked a 211.

On the men’s side, Robert Dickey picked up high-series honors with a 766 past from Dixie Bowl, including a 277, while Jeremy Turlington put together a clean 745 set, 24 strikes and high-game honors with a 279 at Sunset, and Bill Stauffer (706-258) enjoyed another week of banners.

Tyler Thomas delivered an outstanding 720 performance including 23 strikes and a 9-bagger in a 277, Marcus Allen slammed 22 strikes and a clean 259 in a super 674 set, Rick Lesko (672-234) brought his A- Game, Larry Rumple (671-256) continued his hot scoring pace and Kanab bowler Gregg Sants 671 contained 259 clean and 22 strikes.

Jackie Syddall (663-238) likely boosted his 199 average with a strong performance, Patrick Webster (607-244), who is doing a great job at the Dixie Bowl, bagged his umpteenth 600, and Ed Worden (601 -214) had an efficient 600 series.

In singles play, Brent Pollack, Phil San Antonio, Ken Schloman, Eric Goldfarb, Herb Ridge, and Randy Halverson registered plays of 223, 216, 208, 203, 201, and 201, respectively.

Please note that due to the shortened Thanksgiving week in the league, the next column will appear on December 6, 2022.

Ah, laurel!

Anita Milner received a 175 Game Award for a 176…Lisa Jones recorded the 2-5-7 split…Linda Smith converted the 3-6-7-10…Maxine Thurston spared the 5-6.

seniors score

Nina Gibson545; Susan Hill 528; Debbie Lean 517; Diana Swart 534; Shirley Simpson516; JanetParker500; Dave Myers 235; Jeff Andersen223; Will Hutchinson 215; Dave Anderson 213; John Verchota 213; Dan Sanzone 204; Jerry Bundy 204. Splits: Devon Mower 6-7-10, Donna Jo Judson 9-10, Dianna Swart 5-7.

High scores

Ann Rasmusen 599-221; Kayla Hammond 589-216; Diana Stauffer 582-209; Sharon Reading 554-201; Marcy Thompson551; Shelley Hurst548; twilight Thomas 537; Bev Keeley 530; Autumn Telford 529; Tina Wilson 525; Pat Schulze 524; Jamie Turlington 514; Stephanie Mueller 507; JanetParker505; Lisa Jones; PJ Rothaus 202; Scott Bowden 724-258; Jeremy Telford 692-245; Joseph Graham 688-259; DevinWerner 284-234; Eric Gold 681-235; Mo Davis 679-248; Lev Agius 678-238; Tony Zacchaeus 676-245; Gate Lowry 676-256; Cory Choate 674-256; Bruce Breager 674-259; Dalton Smith 671-237; Brendan Thomas 668-244; Alfred Olivera V 654-233; Kyle Clark 650-265; Wil Mariluch 647-226; John Potter 642-234; Layton Asamus 634; Stan Rasmussen 632-247; Trento Nay 632-265; Jim Bedford 622-215; Jorge Grajeda 622-247; Jared Bundy 622-248; Jeff Anderson 621-224; James Henderson 620-242; Derek Wallace 617-237; WesWells 614-254; Ryan Flippo 612-222; Bob Hurd 255; David Schmucker 244; Mark Cruz 243; Dan Sanzone 235; Jay Healey 235; Mike Hallenbeck 234; Tyler Mickelson233; Don Polich 232; John Worthington 231; Cope with All 224; Chance Evans 224; Irie Jeremiah 224; Kyle Kidman224; Bard Hancock 223; David Lee 223; Jayden Davis 223; Jim Mathews 222; Kevin Kidman222; Ben Stang 221; IIoa Otuafi 216; Austin Turner 215; Bob Leaning 215; Justin Seegmiller 214; Paul Yssel 214; Keith Reynolds 213; Chris Ray 212; Jerry Bundy212; Shawn Miracle 210; Matt Polatis 209; Troy Olaveson 208; Matt Hill 204; Chuck Irvine 203; Rob Carrier 203; Jaren Clark 202; Max Stayrook202; Bode Ray 200.

Willie Theis reports on League Bowling in St George for The Spectrum & Daily News.


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