Lesson Plan Review – a harrowing look at teenage drug addiction


It’s an action-packed look at an undercover cop who uses his skills to help teenagers avoid drug addiction.

We review Lesson Plan Netflix movie no spoilers.

Netflix has a number of action movies with captivating stories and lesson plan, directed by Daniel Markowicz, is packed. From the start, he sets the tone of the story with a drug dealer who got hooked on high school students.

He planted these drugs in schools and these poor teenagers are falling deep into it Seeks. After a teacher tragically dies, his friend, who happens to be an ex-cop, takes over his old job in hopes of catching those responsible for his murder, according to the IMDB synopsis.

The cop uses his old skills while working undercover, and he applies it to teach his friend’s students how to defend themselves in case they ever encounter these henchmen with the drugs. What was so interesting about it was that the teens who didn’t do drugs were so keen to help their classmates get out of addiction.

They were very vocal about the whereabouts of their friends in front of the teachers and eventually formed their own group to find them. As all of this happens, the cop must deal with his own trauma as his past catches up with him again.

When he was undercover, he came this close to catching the head dealer, but it cost his wife. So he tries to live again and turn those bad moments into something good by helping these teenagers.

The film has some great action, but when it gets into the fight choreography it looks unpolished. It starts to drag in the middle because many characters are involved and the story gets lost.

But once the teens get involved with their group, it picks up steam again. The better thread of the story is these teenagers helping each other, you see the drug underground and it’s worrying.

This is really happening in many high schools in different countries and it is difficult to actually stop it. It becomes like an idea planted in someone’s head, and it’s almost impossible to yank it out.

Aside from the cop’s character development, the film highlights the early signs of addiction and what to look out for when parenting a high school teenager.

Markowicz made some good choices in teaching the kids how to defend themselves. He managed to develop the ex-cop into someone with heart and he seemed healed by the end of this film.

Even though bad things can happen to good people, it doesn’t mean they have to stay broken. There is a way to put it all together.

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