Now Zuckerberg is building AIs to destroy us meatbags in grand strategy games

Meta has announced what it calls a “breakthrough” in a particular area of ​​game AI: software called Cicero, which is the first AI to achieve “human-level performance in the popular strategy game Diplomacy.” Diplomacy is originally a board game that has many official and unofficial digital successors, and the reason it’s such an interesting choice is because the core of the game is negotiation: that is, it’s a multiplayer game in which the players constantly have to negotiate each other.

The post announcing Cicero acknowledges various AI “victories” over humans (fact check: Deep Blue lost to Garry Kasparov before defeating him a few years later, prompting IBM to decline a rematch), but says, “Really useful, versatile ones.” Agents need to go beyond just moving pieces on a board”. As such, Cicero is said to be able to negotiate, persuade, and work with human players to achieve strategic goals in the same way a human would.


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